Close Only Counts In Horseshoes….



Just How Did 22 Years Pass So Quickly?


Beacons Of Light


  1. great picture!

  2. Delightful! That’s an idiom I grew up hearing all the time… Lovely shot.

  3. DJ

    Love the caption, and the black/white!

  4. lovely black and white pic.. and great caption!

    Wilderness at the doorstep

  5. Awesome WW, and the choice of B&W superb.
    My WW

  6. Love it! The color is awesome.

  7. Ah … love the image and the title … reminds me of my Dad and his family who always played Horseshoes at family gatherings. Thanks. I’m ‘almost wordless’ at Sacred Ruminations and have shared awards at Small Reflections so I hope you’ll drop by and ‘snag’ a few to enjoy and share.
    Hugs and blessings,

  8. Mar

    I love it!

  9. That is close. Love the pic, well done.

  10. That’s a great picture… As soon as I saw it a bunch of really great old memories came rushing back to me (it makes me miss living in Chico!)

  11. Cool picture! I can’t say that I have ever played horseshoes….

    (My grand daughter is here btw…..)

  12. That is an awesome picture! 🙂

  13. Close counts in horseshoes and family.

  14. This is a great shot AND caption like everyone else before me said. I wish I had something more unique to say, but at least it’s something nice regardless! 😀 The lighting is awesome, btw! Happy WW~

  15. That old axiom makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the reminder – and the very nice picture. Happy WW.

  16. The good news is that it counts. Great shot and great photo.

  17. Great shot and caption. I always liked that saying, along with “close but no cigar.” Happy WW!

  18. and water bombs..sorry reliving my youth when I used to drop water bombs on my siter from my bedroom window….:)

  19. wonderful contrasts of light and shadow!

  20. I stink at horseshoes!
    Good thing close counts, right?

    Great photo!

  21. you are really a true artist Vixen. You are able to see the artistic mix of the soft light and shadow and describe it with your well chosen words. I love it, and yes, I miss those younger days of playing Horseshoes.

  22. love the pic. very moody and intruiging

  23. pam

    That’s a great pic, but I have to tell you, I adore your header image! LOL! 😀

  24. Horse shoes bring good memories for me. Real good.

  25. For an inanimate object, this image sure packs a lot of emotion. Viewed metaphorically (as the caption suggests) it evokes a different response from every person who see it. And technically it’s very solid as well. All the elements are there: composition, contrast, and color (or in this case lack of it which is more fitting). Excellent shot.

  26. Happy WW! Horseshoes and hand grenades…

    Thanx for your earlier visit! I invite your blog readers to see Anti-Sarah Palin rally up in Alaska on my WW-post this week. Not much coverage of this event in the MSM…

    peace, Villager

  27. I LOVE this photo. It is one of those that tells a story and the story idepends on the observer of the photo.
    Great shot!
    Thanks for visiting. Yes, I think this was coooool graffiti.

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