Get Your Flags Ready ~ No Time To Waste

My remembrance of 9/11 I posted last year.

Please join us in this FLY THE FLAG campaign and PLEASE pass this on immediately to everyone you know.

On Thursday, September 11th, 2008, an American flag should be displayed outside every home, apartment, office, and store in the United States . Every individual should make it their duty to display an American flag on this seventh anniversary of one our country’s worst tragedies.

We do this honor of those who lost their lives on 9/11, their families, friends and loved ones who continue to endure the pain, and those who today are fighting at home and abroad to preserve our cherished freedoms. In the days, weeks and months following 9/11, our country was bathed in American flags as citizens mourned the incredible losses and stood shoulder-to-shoulder against terrorism. Sadly, those flags have all but disappeared. Our patriotism pulled us through some tough times and it shouldn’t take another attack to galvanize us in solidarity. Our American flag is the fabric of our country and together we can prevail over terrorism of all kinds.

So, here’s what we need you to do … (1) Call or email everyone you know. Take a moment to think back to how you felt on 9/11 and let those sentiments guide you. (2) Fly an American flag of any size on 9/11. Honestly, Americans should fly the flag year-round, but if you don’t, then at least make it a priority on this day.


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  1. I suspect those who HAVE ‘flags’ to display will do so today …. for I’m certain the significance of this day is on all of our minds … just because. I know it’s on mine, but for the same reason that I don’t ‘blog’ about politics … I’ve not ‘blogged’ my morning reflections … though I did ‘journal’ at length today on paper with my pencil.
    Hugs and blessings,

  2. I’m so sad that my proper flags are all in Washington State. I’ll need to get one for the condo here in Southern California. I did find a symbol of our flag to put out on my condo porch wall today and posted a photo on my blog of my ledge with my “flag” of remembrance…
    Blessings on you and yours…

  3. Thanks for the reminder. I’ll have to go put our flag out before we head over to the library for story time!

  4. I’m wearing mine in the form of a lapel pin, over my heart.


  6. Thanks for this…we can never forget.

  7. pam

    I *must* get my flag up; thanks for the reminder!

  8. Great – I will get my flag out and follow along. Beautiful post…I too posted about this special, tragic day.

  9. Thank you for your kind comment.
    We’re very blessed.
    May you and yours have a peaceful day.

  10. We have a flag pole with the flag outside our house year round! When I first moved to my house it was in the backyard where no one could see it, but my husband transplanted to the front so it is visible from the street. I actually need to get a new flag soon because this one’s getting old, there is nothing worse then seeing someone displaying a torn flag. Very nice post. Thanks for sharing it.

  11. Life was palpable then. Wow! Continuing to hope on what’s good in the world.

  12. I just read last year’s post. I CANNOT BELIEVE you were booked on that flight.


    Just, wow.

  13. I have a small flag in the window all year and I wore my lapel pin today, too. I don’t think anyone I came into contact with even made mention! In fact, some of the “kids” at work were oblivious even with CNN on all day showing the ceremonies. It’s so sad that so many have forgotten!

  14. Our little circle of homes has been displaying their flags since 9/11. There might be some days or weeks that not everyone participates. Then, the anniversary of 9/11 comes back around, or Labor Day, July 4th, Memorial Day, Election Day, etc. and we all get back in sync. It is a small thing to go out in the morning and put the flag in its holder. It is an amazing thing to go out at night, smell the air, look up at the rising moon, notice the howl of a dog or coyote and put the flag away for the night.

  15. We have a flag in front of our house at all times. I was on a business trip in Houston at the time – just arrived from the World Trade Center the day before where I was staying at the Marriott WTC – still had the room key in my bag – still have it as a matter of fact. This week always leaves me speechless.

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