WW~A Duck Amongst Flamingos



Avast, me hearties


Sure I Like Predictable, But Do I Get It? Not so much.


  1. The song “One of these things is not like the other…” pops into my head. Happy WW!

  2. If it looks like a duck and it quacks like a day…
    …happy WW

  3. What a sight! I’ve only seen these once in Hawaii. How cool.

  4. Great shot, he looks just a little out of place. I started hearing that darn song while reading the comments LOL.

  5. I sure like the real flamingos compared to those shocking pink lawn art ones :0)
    Great shot!

  6. 🙂 if not for the caption, i would have failed to notice the duck, wonder what the duck felt being alone in the midst of flamingos.

  7. What a cool pic. I had to take a second look for the duck.

  8. The duck does look a bit lost. The only place I have ever seen flamingos is in the zoological gardens here close to where I live. They are beautiful.

  9. DJ

    I almost didn’t see him! Love the pink!

  10. Took me a second to see the duck. It actually reminded me of the flamingos in “Fantasia 2000”. That’s my favorite segment in that movie.

  11. The ugly ducking… hope he doesn’t have a complex.
    I love flamingos!

  12. Man, I sure know how that duck feels. It’s no longer Pirate Day and here I am still wearing my pirate clothes. Those flamin’ Flamingo’s can walk the plank!

  13. Great shot. That duck looks out of place!

  14. That was such a fun day. Great shot.

  15. pam

    Very cool; I had to really look to see the duck… sort of a Where’s Walduck! 😀

  16. Great shot … I might have missed the duck if you hadn’t pointed him out because the Flamingos command the scene. I’m almost wordless at Sacred Ruminations today and anything BUT wordless at Small Reflections.
    Hugs and blessings,

  17. I like the picture. I prefer ducks to flamingoes any day!


  18. Oh, such a fun shot!

  19. Very cool flamingos!

  20. Good title! LOL 🙂

  21. wow! I’ve seen those before in a zoo and they all turned into pink! they said it’s because they just ate shrimps…hmmmm

  22. that is cool!

  23. I feel just lik that duck 99% of the time!

  24. Oh! And OMG yeah Heroes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the heck??? His mom??? No way!!!!!!!!

  25. These are just too cute! Happy WW & mine’s posted too!

    Mama Mentor Blog

  26. I love it, Vixen!

  27. Nice shot. I missed the little fellow at first glance, lol.

  28. Nice… I had to take a second look to see the duck 🙂

  29. Wow – I actually couldn’t see the duck for a while … cool picture! (And by a while, I mean, I had to actually finish my gallon of coffee … and I drink slowly.)

  30. I agree with the other poster – makes me think of the ugly duckling! What a great picture!

  31. I love flamingos, but I have never actually seen a real one….

  32. Took me a minute to see the duck! Made me think of “Where’s Waldo?”

    Great photo and I loved your political/not politcal comments over at Wacky Mommy.

  33. Flamingo, flamingo, flamingo, flamingo, DUCK! 🙂

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