If a trainstation is where the train stops, what’s a workstation?

This week’s theme/prompt is:HEADSWear *or* TAILSWhere

The question of the day is not what will I wear to work, but where will I work? You see, I found out yesterday that my company is closing down. After 10 years, it is almost like losing a spouse. My boss has always been there for me and asked me to stay on until the end (end of December it looks like) to assist him with closing things up. I didn’t feel I could say no, as he always helped me out when things were rough.

So where do I go from here? Who knows. Could the timing have been any worse (I mean, I just got a house after being a renter for 10 years)? Since Mr. Vixen is on his third appeal for disability, I am the sole provider for our household. I would be lying if I told  you this doesn’t scare the crap outta me. The Universe sent me a message this morning:

What can you now do,
that you’d like to do,
that you aren’t doing?

Do it, Vixen.

The Universe

It has me thinking. What can I do? What do I want to do? And at this time can those two questions be compatible?


Genius may have its limitations, but stupidity is not thus handicapped.


Wordless Wednesday ~ Butterball ‘Bee’ Cute


  1. I can only tell you what my mom would always tell me when things like this would happen…”everything happens for a reason”. Now, I can’t say for sure, but I think that there is something better coming your way. Hang in there hon!

    Anna’s last blog post..Etsy Beadweaver’s November Challenge

  2. I was thinking along the lines of what Anna commented.. but I can imagine you’re pretty worried right now. You have a lot on your plate, that’s for sure.

    I’ll say a prayer tonight.

    Skittles’s last blog post..Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire

  3. How’s the hiring situation where you are? Do you do something that can be translated to any number of positions? I’m with your first couple of comments…something better is out there for you!

    Janet’s last blog post..Veteran’s Day

  4. Mar

    Good Grief! How much more can happen to you? I will cross my fingers for you!

  5. Oh my goodness, I can imagine how stressed out you must be right now!!

    Hang in there, I am sure everything will work out in the end… *sigh*

    Jaden’s last blog post..My Birthday Weekend Post

  6. In Scarlett O’Hara’s words….”Tomorrow’s another day”. Something positive will come of this, it always does. I have faith you’ll find something, but I have to honestly say, I can understand your fear.

    Take care. Try and smile and feel good about life.

  7. God never closes a door without opening a window. Keep your eyes and ears open and be positive, as hard as it might be right now. Something great is coming your way. It sure would help if the disability came through now though wouldn’t it?

  8. My hubby lost his job back in April. Here in Michigan no one is getting new jobs. Well he had a new job with in 8 weeks. Tell everyone you know, kinda like you did here on your blog. The best way to get a job is by word of mouth. Things do happen for a reason, we just don’t always know the reason right away. Hang in there good will happen.

  9. It’s time for the universe to stop dealing you crap and hand you the perfect job. *HUGS* I’ll be sending you all the good job vibes I can muster!

    Lesley’s last blog post..Autumny Goodness

  10. Life is getting a little shakier and scarier each day. I think many of us are facing similar situations at this time…Good luck to you.

    Tumblewords’s last blog post..Paradox Haiku

  11. What a shocker. Things will work out…good luck.

  12. I hope you have something lined up very soon. I know these are scarey times for you right now and all the platitudes in the world won’t help. I’m glad your boss is willing to have you stay around until the end — at least you have had some warning.
    Know you are in my prayers.

  13. I love the question in the title … my mind was off and running before I clicked over from my ‘reader’ … wondering where you were going with this … but now that I’m here and learning of your company closing, my laughter stopped suddenly and rest assured that I’ll be praying for you as I’m praying for others in similar circumstances. Your questions are a perfect beginning … and I want to remind you that when one door closes, another opens.
    Hugs and blessings,

    storyteller’s last blog post..Ruby Tuesday #11 & Heads or Tails #29

  14. Oh my. Yikes. So very much of that going around right now. We’ll find out Friday who gets laid off where I am. I was at a place I loved once that closed down, and even though we knew it was coming, it was still so shocking when it actually happened. Your letter to you from the Universe is beautiful and a good reminder to me, too. Hang in there.

    Maggie’s Mind’s last blog post..But Where Does It Go?

  15. Oh dear – I do agree with Storyteller – when one door closes, another one opens – or sometimes it’s time to take out the reciprocating saw and make one. Listen to your inner voice, be open to all types of opportunities, and keep moving forward. And because we just watched the movie, “CARS” – AGAIN, this song is still burned in my head – Remember that “Life is a Highway …Life’s like a road that you travel on/When there’s one day here and the next day gone/sometimes you bend, sometimes you stand/sometimes you turn your back to the wind/there’s a world outside every darkened door … Tim Cochrane=brilliant …
    Hugs to you, friend –

    Lisa’s last blog post..Where is …

  16. Oh my goodness, your last two years sound like the years 1995-1998 for me. One tragedy after another. You will survive this. I know you don’t believe me, I didn’t back in the 90’s either, yet here I am. It won’t be easy but you’ll get through this, I have great faith in you.

    Damn sweetie, wish I could kick the universe’s ass but it doesn’t work that way(besides they already kicked my ass in the 90’s). You just have to believe you can get through one hour at a time. HUGS, HUGS, and more HUGS!

  17. How sad. Everything at once… Best of luck to you.

    Stine’s last blog post..A Niche Blog For a Niche Market

  18. I am so sorry to hear about your job. As the other readers have said, doors close, doors open. I wonder if you are embarking on a huge change in the direction of your life, new house and now new career.
    Your aprons that you have just started selling are so beautiful and you are so talented. Maybe there is your own business in your future?
    My prayers are with you.

    Mountain Woman’s last blog post..My Faith

  19. This had to be some scary news! At the same time, it’s an opportunity to try something new and maybe better for you.

    I’ll say a little prayer that you find a job that is good in both a financial and spiritual way.

    Good luck!

    Mrs. B.’s last blog post..

  20. I’m sorry to hear about your job. But I know a new door will open for you soon! I agree with Mountain Women! Maybe, something to do with aprons, in your future? Just a thought. 🙂

    Jessica’s last blog post..I’m Taking a Break

  21. Oh Vixen, I’m so sorry about your job. I hope you can find a new one soon. I know it’s not going to be easy with this bad economy.

  22. I don’t even have to tell you that I empathize with the situation of uncertain employment and new responsibilities after a move.

    What I will tell you Vix is that I know you’ll get through this, and regardless of what happens next, this is an opportunity to open yourself to something you would never have considered if allowed to stay where you were comfortable. You’re in my thoughts and prayers that the opportunity be at the end of a positive road rather than one of struggle.



  23. Lee

    I’m very sorry to hear about your job situation. I wish I could say that hearing about someone else losing their job is a unique situation. Unfortunately, I hear of someone else in your situation every other day. I will be keeping you in my prayers and thinking good thoughts as you look for your next opportunity. All the best, Vixen. I hope you find just what you’re looking for.

    Lee’s last blog post..Sunday Scenery

  24. Hang in there gal! Ruv You Looong Time!!!

    Great Reader & JihadGene

    JihadGene’s last blog post..It’s Friday! Let’s Dance!

  25. oh no sorry to hear that. you must be feelin pretty down 🙁 try and stay postive

    i love the new autumn header!

    have a good weekend

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