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Just so you know how behind I am in life, this week I am going to tell you a little about how my life was filled with love on and joy on Thanksgiving. At this rate it will probably be February when you hear about Christmas.

I really had no idea how much a home could make a difference to our family. Home has always been where we are gathered, not necessarily a particular place. But this year, filling up my little new home with my loved ones was like the frosting on a cake! It made the house feel perfect and special. The fact that we were all able to fill it without overflowing was so comfortable and right.

I managed to get a 22 lb. turkey for $7.88!!! And it was terrific, much to my surprise. Moist and tasty. One of the most wonderful parts of the day was having Ladybug help me make the pumpkin pies. I have never been able to cook with her before and it was so much fun for her and me! She was just so excited to have an apron on and help Grama. And if you could have seen her face when I let her use the mixer and she yelled “Look Mommy, I am doing it. I am doing it!” And when MacD and Funsize arrived she kept running around saying “I made TWO PUMPIN PIES.” Oh wait, you can see her face, although this one doesn’t really show the true pride she was feeling:making pumpkin pie

She also helped me make the mashed potatoes, but we ran out of milk. Bear was on her way home from Fishboy’s parent’s and so I called her and asked her to bring some home. Ladybug would not leave the kitchen, pulling her stool over to sit and watch the pies in the oven. Bear was also bringing a surprise for Ladybug: the Kung Fu Panda movie, which Ladybug had been talking about all day. When Bear arrived Ladybug ran to the door and Bear showed her the movie, expecting squeals of delight. Ladybug just looked at her with disappointment and said “Neenee, that is not milk. We are waiting for milk.” Maybe she is my future chef?

Everyone wrote little cards about they were grateful for and read them out loud after we made Lloyd say grace. There were some tears, but many laughs. My heart was filled with amazement at the wonderful people my children have grown to become and the love they share with each other and us.

All around it was a wonderful weekend, except for the broken leg part. But even through that Ladybug filled my heart with a bit of laughter after she came home from getting her cast. “Grama,” she said, “look! I got a sock from the doctor! But it is too big, too long and too HARD (pronounced HAWD)!”

I am truly blessed and so grateful.




WW ~ Cast?=Yes, Slow Down?=Not A Chance


  1. That fills my heart to the brim! Thanks for sharing. Such a cutie patootie isn’t she?

  2. oh my gosh what an adorable little girl!! And a wonderful pic… I have a soft spot for little chefs 🙂

    Jaden’s last blog post..Procrastination 2.0

  3. Oh, wow, that must have been a great gathering! Your granddaughter is adorable! You can see how much she loved helping!

    Mrs. B.’s last blog post..Three big Thank You’s!

  4. Your granddaughter is beautiful! and such a great helper.

    Shannon H.’s last blog post..Heads or Tails: Fill

  5. What a cute little helper you had! I hope her leg gets better soon :o)

  6. Mar

    I am glad you had such a happy day. You deserve one!

  7. Vixen, what a great photo and a great time. I have photos of my girls helping my mom cook and bake and they are so treasured! What a wonderful time you had!

    Anna’s last blog post..Etsy Beadweavers December Challenge

  8. The love and pride you have for your home and family just oozes from every single word here. 🙂 You made me happy just from reading it!!!

    Skittles’s last blog post..Heads Or Tails #68 – Fill (In The Blanks)

  9. DJ

    So glad to hear you enjoyed your Thanksgiving! Ladybug looks like she had a ball! I didn’t make pies this year, but I’m thinking about having one for Christmas.

  10. What a cute story! I like the idea about writing what you’re thankful down on a card. We just said it and after the first or second person went we were pretty much all thankful for the same things. Writing it down before anyone says anything still helps everyone to remain original 🙂

    I LOVE your banner!! It’s beautiful!! And I love the idea of heads/tails. Very clever!

  11. That picture says it all. She is loving helping you in the kitchen!

    Suzanne’s last blog post..Paying it Forward: A Holiday Giveaway

  12. What a wonderful Thanksgiving! She does look very happy to be helping in the kitchen. Very sweet.

  13. you are a lucky grama. Can’t wait for Peanut to get big enough for cooking…not too much longer.

  14. What a wonderfully special day! I bet those were the best pumpin pies ever! I smiled all the way through your post!

    Lisa’s last blog post..Run … Eat … Sleep

  15. To me, home is family plus house. A marvellous feelgood post.

  16. I love this story!
    God bless you and your family –
    and I can’t wait to hear about Christmas (even if it does take until February!)

    Don’t feel bad – we moved here in July and I’m still not done unpacking 🙁

  17. THAT was worth waiting for. I’m delighted that your Thanksgiving turned out to be such a joyously memorable event. I suspect you and everyone else there will enjoy the 12 Days video I left at Sacred Ruminations and the Fun Stuff you can find ‘links’ to in the side bar at Small Reflections ;–)
    Hugs and blessings,

    storyteller’s other blog’s last blog post..A bit of Holiday Fun … a ‘Revival’ of sorts

  18. Yes, we all need one, in whatever form works best.

    She’s adorable!

    You have been awarded at our site. Congratulations!

    Goddess’s last blog post..And the Winner Is…

  19. Hope Ladybug is doing better :o)
    I have an award for you at my place. Stop by when you have a moment :o)

  20. I have been so bedlrweied in the past but now it all makes sense!

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  22. Bep Vermaas zegt:Afgelopen vrijdag en zaterdagavond met jullie mogen zingen in Bolsward en Hasselt. Onvergetelijk mooi, dat gevoel zit van binnen.Dank jullie wel. Alt Chr. Reiskoor Holland Zingt.

  23. Great insight. Relieved I’m on the same side as you.

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