Much To Her Dismay…

Argh. I am unemployed.


My Grasp May Exceed My Reach


There’s only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self


  1. I’m soo sorry vix, thinking of you and sending tons of love and hugs

  2. Me too. Booooooo! I’m so sorry. *hugs*

    Jenni’s last blog post..Adventures in College..

  3. I’m sorry! HUGS I hope it doesn’t last long!

    Lesley’s last blog post..Kicking Butt and Taking Names

  4. I’m sorry. Sending HUGS.

    Suzanne’s last blog post..The Real Me

  5. Sorry this had to happen..i hope your able to find something soon…(((HUGS)))

  6. Any prospects on the horizon? I have faith you will find something.

    Eric S.’s last blog post..A Picture Says More

  7. Sorry, love! What a bummer. I am with you and hope this situation turns around.

    SandyCarlson’s last blog post..Blog Your Blessings: The Bad Kids

  8. I am too! Have you thought about online work? is in the process of hiring “guides”.
    I’ve applied there and I’ll probably sign up for a couple of the transcription companies. (I did that for a couple years, it was just hard on my hands.) Good luck dearie!

    Anna’s last blog post..What I’ve Been Up To

  9. pam

    I’m so sorry to hear that; keeping a positive thought for a new, better position!

  10. Lee

    I am so tired of getting this kind of news from people I know. I’ll be praying that you reverse that status in a very short period of time.

    Lee’s last blog post..PhotoHunt #145 – Hat(s)

  11. Love you, hon. Living on liebe und luft for awhile, huh? (“Love and air.”) It’ll work out. I’ve always had pretty good luck with the temp agencies, gun for hire and all that.

    Wacky Mommy’s last blog post..Thank you, Dr. King

  12. Hi Vixen

    I am really sorry to hear about this news, but as I am learning each day when one door closes, another is opening and I have found that the new door is always so much better.

    You are in my prayers

  13. Sorry to hear that. There is a lot of that going around right now. Hope you get some kind of positive news soon.

    Maggie’s Mind’s last blog post..Weekly Winners Sunday 1/18/09

  14. You and my husband both. Happy New Year ey?


  15. am sorry to hear about that Vixen, hope something new will come your way soon.

    betchai’s last blog post..Ramona Dam from Lake Poway

  16. I’m sorry. Hope you get that phone call soon :o)

  17. JihadGene

    Hang in there Vix! Praying things will go well for you soon. Ruv you looong time!


  18. That stinks!!!!! I wish you good luck to find a new job quickly! Maybe one you’ll like even better! 🙂

  19. I’m so sorry to hear that.

  20. Aw, I have faith you will find something soon. I love the new layout! I feel horrible that I haven’t stopped by in so long–life has been getting in the way of blogging.

    Jessica’s last blog post..And Now…. a Musical Interlude

  21. Still praying that things will work out for you with some work!

    JihadGene’s last blog post..KIM Jong Il Angered by Inaugural Copy Catting

  22. I am so sorry. I hope something better is around the corner.

    Karen’s last blog post..Win a $25 iTunes Gift Card at Blogaways

  23. Oh no. I’m so sorry to hear this. I will keep you in my heart and prayers. I can only hope this is a necessary flush. I know you’ll find work again.

    On a limb with Claudia’s last blog post..Are you sure?

  24. Just a heads up – Rockin’ With Frigga will be back tomorrow, I hope you can come by and play!! 🙂

  25. So be unemployed means no more blogging? I know you have internet at home, get on it!

    projectmommy’s last blog post..Aaaanalog?

  26. Flo

    Join the club. I lost my job on New Years Eve. It really sucks doesn’t it??

    Flo’s last blog post..Sunday Scenery

  27. It sucks. I hope you’re next job will be better than this last. At least it would make the transition easier.

  28. Oh doll, that sucks.
    Rumors abound where hubby works that layoffs are coming…such a sad state of things.
    Keep your chin up though and remember this too shall pass.

  29. I’m so sorry to hear this! I hope it won’t be for too long…

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