Attack Of The Killer Lobsters

Today was a pretty great day. Bear decided to get me out of my funk and suggested we head to the beach. So we threw together some PB&J sandwiches and were off. The weather was simply fantastic! We had the beaches virtually to ourselves. Until the lobsters attacked….



I took lots of pictures and for ONCE a bunch of them came out fantastic. I will be sharing some more here tomorrow and a bunch over at Vixen’s Pixels tomorrow also.

I filed for Food Stamps today, and have my intake on Thursday morning at 6:45am. Bet you didn’t know the government worked that early did ya???? I still haven’t recieved my first unemployment check and there isn’t enough in my Paypal (according to my hosting company) to cover my monthly bill for this site….so if I disappear for a few hours (or a day) don’t panic!!!!! As soon as my check arrives, I will transfer the whopping $4.99 and be right back at this! I guess you guys could go buy some aprons and tell your freinds to buy some too and then it would be all handled even faster! I am relentless aren’t I? Go on, you know you want to.  Just click, buy and enjoy…right here:

Apron Frenzy


Cute In The Kitchen (or craft room or play room)


It Makes Sense To Give The California State Govt Some Time Off


  1. Cool lobsters! Did you take any home with you?

    I “twittered” your shop and will do it again during the day tomorrow. Hopefully you’ll get a bit of business from it…I sure hope so, hon! I know I’ve at least gotten more traffic from it. It’ll give you exposure at least…

    Take care!

    Anna’s last blog post..Etsy Front Page Appearance

  2. Mar

    Great picture!!

    Crossing my fingers all works out soon!!


  3. Love those pics! 🙂

    Jessica’s last blog post..About the Dentist

  4. wow, i’ve never seen lobsters yet in our beaches, is this at TP or del mar? I just notice the sand stone cliffs. hope soon will go better your way Vixen.

    betchai’s last blog post..San Diego Zoo ( part 1)

  5. did you put those lobsters there? 😉

  6. Wow! Great lobster pictures.

  7. I have a kid who would be saying “LUNCH!” if he had lobsters coming up to him. Great picture!

    Suzanne’s last blog post..What’s For Dinner Dessert Wednesday

  8. Holy crap! I don’t know how many times I’ve been to the beach with you but I’ve never see that! Awesome picture, really!

    projectmommy’s last blog post..Team Mom Qlubb Review

  9. Wow! I live in Maine along the coast…lobster capitol of the world, and have never ever seen anything like that! But then again, with as flippin cold as it is here now, they’re better off stayin’ in the water.

    And, come to think of it…if I was kickin back and just happened to see a few of them come up on shore, I’d probably scream. *lol* Soooo not a lobster fan.

  10. I dated a lobster once. She was a crusty gal!

    JihadGene’s last blog post..Nancy Pelosi Sings for KIM Jong IL

  11. OK – The lobsters are hysterical … The pictures are gorgeous … Good for Bear for getting you to go to the beach! Good for you for going! Howling together in person would be awesome – maybe one day! Speaking of which … I am still optimistic that things will go well for you this year – my personal take is that we just started off slowly in January, at least I know I did. Hang in there! HOOOOWWWWLLLLLL!!!!!!!

    Lisa – Life is Like a Box of Legos’s last blog post..On a clear day …

  12. Wow! Our lobsters never come up on the beach… Love the group photo…

    Stine’s last blog post..Hello, Everyone!

  13. Wow, crazy pictures! Hoping things improve soon all around.

    Maggie’s Mind’s last blog post..Almost an Okie

  14. So is it safe to say you had a delicious lobster dinner last night? I’m not big on sea food, but even I wouldn’t want to pass up on delicous food that walks right up to me! :-0…

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