Where I’m From

I am from comic books, from Quisp, from candy cigarettes and GORP.

I am from the cabin snow in January and the backyard pool in July. Neighborhood block parties with watermelon and homemade ice cream. From bright red bottle brush trees and frogs under the front porch flushed out with hoses. Mother-daughter fashion shows in go-go boots and The Sound of Music in choir.

I am from the tall, scented pines of the Sierras, the fast, cold streams full of trout beneath my pole. From campgrounds with dirt, wood that was whittled, rocks collected and polished. Deep, green lakes for swimming under and skiing over. Dry, dusty cow pastures with fire pits and motorcycle jumps, cottontail rabbits and the river.

I am from family reunions and remembering every one’s life story, from Healys and Coopers and Redferns. Hardworking men and strong-willed women and big families. The smell of new tires and cousins growing up like siblings. Homes open to all, respecting your elders, and being seen and not heard. A recipe passed down and twins every where.

I am from football games with turkey soup and homemade bread. Shakey’s pizza Fridays and Saturday night drive-in movies. I come from summers at day camp and library trips on the bus. Tie dye t-shirts, Bobby Sherman and The Love Bug. Lincoln logs, harvest gold appliances and flocked couches.

From True Story magazines snuck out of Grama Maxine’s beauty shop and great aunts who taught crochet during the telethon. From pomegranates picked right off the tree and fresh corn cobs out in a field. Pumpkin hunting in Half Moon Bay and painting our faces like Kiss.

I am from Sunday School in some one’s living room. Mass with incense and Latin. The comfort of saints and the Holy Mother. Sunday light filtered through stained glass, first communion, highly polished alter boy shoes. Pews with kneelers and priests who knew your names.

I’m from California and Ireland, Canada and England, corned beef with cabbage and Yorkshire pudding with roast.

I come from the time Dad and Uncle Tom went to find the perfect Christmas tree and got lost in a snowstorm, from the size of the fish that always got away, and from Grandpa’s broken ankle while throwing pine cones on the roof so we kids would think reindeer were landing.

I am from jerky home movies of backyard BBQs and toboggans in the driveway. From the collection of graduation pictures on Grandma’s bedroom wall and wedding pictures on the mantel. Grainy, dark photos of mountains climbed, tops of waterfalls achieved, and storybook vistas reached with back packs on. Snap shots of babies and godparents in handmade christening dresses. Of toddlers in Easter dress and kid’s opening pj’s on Christmas Eve.

I am from unconditional love and strong family ties. Mothers who care for everyone’s child and dads who can fix anything. From builders of homes and tree houses, founders of family traditions and doctors of scrapes and bruises.

I am from knowing they are always there for you.

I saw this at Mayberry Mom’s. You can try it here


Specifically Purposeless


Is It Still A Monday If You Don’t Have To Go To Work?


  1. That was lovely! I may have to try it.

    *giggles about candy cigarettes and the horror that would insight today* I “smoked” so many of those things! LOL

    Lesley’s last blog post..My Imaginary Friend Gets Her Own Blog!

  2. I tagged you for a meme!

    Funsize’s last blog post..Neck deep in the storm

  3. MacD

    Ok, you’ve been giving me crap about not commenting on your blog and this just looks fun. So here is my own mini “Where I’m From”.

    I am from summers on a sprinkler wet trampoline and winters on a snow sled.

    I am from Friday night blockbuster movies and papa murphy’s pizza in the basement.

    I am from pogs and cap guns, Cowboys and Indians, and army with a hockey stick for a rifle.

    I am from chevys and dirt bikes and weekend camping.

    I am from warm fire sides and cool swamp coolers.

    I am from zeros in hash browns to bring shutout Saturday football mornings.

    I am from 2-dimensional video games and windows 95.

    I am from under the stars camp outs in my own backyard.

    I am from 4th of July fireworks and Christmas Eve on Grandma’s lap.

    I am from music and drawing and building and reading.

    I am from sudden thunder storms and complete whiteouts and earthquakes and firestorms.

    I am from ice cold brewsky’s and competitive pool games.

    I am from garage injured fathers and sewing mothers.

    I am from best friend sisters.

    I am from knowing that no matter how hard I fall, there will always be someone there to pick me up.

  4. Might I suggest that you print this out in a nice font and hang it on your wall?

    I think it would make a nice “touchstone”.

    Perhaps I will have each person in my family do one of these for a triptych.

  5. unconditional love…how I crave that! You’re a lucky woman 🙂

    Janet’s last blog post..G / On This Day

  6. You pretty much covered it for me Vixen! I grew up in Southern California, so I recognized and remember most everything you mentioned in yours! Ours was homemade Mexican food Fridays and the occasional Shakey’s pizza, but I do remember the Saturday night drive-ins. Double features with the kid-friendly first movie and “date night” movie for our parents second, while my brother and I would fall asleep in the backseat!

    Anna’s last blog post..Latest Jewelry Added to My Etsy Shop

  7. I love this one! What a great way to get to know you.

    Honey Mommy’s last blog post..Eleven Months…

  8. I love this! Well done! It’s almost like poetry. YAY!! 🙂

    How are you?

    on a limb with Claudia’s last blog post..Simply Kind Tuesdays : Week whatever :

  9. Lovely words. Hope you are doing well this week! 🙂

    Jessica’s last blog post..I

  10. Beautifully written! See? You will get through all of this, you are grounded, with a solid foundation and a loving family surrounding you. I’m still sending lots of positive energy your way –

    Lisa – Life is Like a Box of Legos’s last blog post..On a clear day …

  11. Vixen,

    Just beautiful. So graceful and elegant and moving.

    Mountain Woman’s last blog post.."Come to the Edge"

  12. I really love this! I think I might have to try it, too 🙂

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