National (Insanity) Poetry Month!

napowrimo2009_1Last year, I participated in NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month-a poem a day for 30 days) and felt such a great sense of accomplishment I wanted to do it again in 2009. Then April snuck up on me like the shifty little devil she is and BOOM! I almost missed the first day.

Today I met with my old boss and our former client. It seems they can’t live without me us. It is not permanent nor full-time, but I am going to be able to work part-time as an independent contractor for the next few months. And for that I am so extremely happy I can’t begin to even explain. I heard from them a few weeks ago, but it looked like it might fall through so I never shared. Tonight I set up my new, home-based, office. And that is when I noticed the date! So with short notice, no planning and LOST on in 12 minutes you get this crappy poem:

My new office is like a garage, large and airy. Wait, it is a garage.
My background music is metallic and swooshy, like a washer and dryer. Wait, it is a washer and dryer.
My new job is very much like my old job, but without the benefits. Wait, it is my old job.
A fresh new month with a fresh new start. Like sunrise after a long dark night.


WW ~ I really just want to be warm yellow light that pours over everyone I love


Almost Empty Nest = Full Garden


  1. LOL!

    That’s pretty funny!! I love the flower by the way…yellow is one of my favorite colors….brightens up the day..don’t u think?

  2. I don’t think the poem is crappy. It’s actually pretty good.
    Congrats on your part-time-temporarily-work-from-home-job :o)

  3. DJ

    Congrats on your new/old job! I love poetry, but a poem a day? Good for you for giving it a shot, you’re braver than I.

  4. Yeah!!!!!! I am so happy for you right now! Congrats!

    Funny coincidence, today I got a call from one of my former colleges about work too. I haven’t really worked in about 8 months. This summer things will get rolling again for me too, but like you as an independent contractor for special project. But work is work! 🙂

    Julia’s last blog post..A Day at the Spa

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