Gone Fishin’


Whether it be the trickle of a stream,

the roar of a river,

or the gentle lapping of windblown lake waves

The sounds transport me to a peaceful place

Sometimes the fish are caught

More often they are not

But my mind is cleared and calmed

My soul accepts its respite from everyday life

Sparkling sun or gloomy gray drizzle

I hear the fish call to my spirit

And it fires up the hunter/gatherer deep within me

I am challenged and, yet, I wait patiently for whatever will happen

To walk quietly along the shore

Is a dream I use to remind myself

Of goals to set, boundaries to exceed and freedom to be strived for


Later Than Late


WW~Polar (bear) Express


  1. What a beautiful sentiment. I love fishing!

  2. I have always enjoyed fishing. To be outside, waiting for that fish to bite is so relaxing. Plus, we always eat PayDay candy bars and drink orange pop.

  3. I suspect this is about more than just fishing but I was awful at figuring out the hidden meaning of poetry back when I was in school.

    It’s a lovely poem and it’s nice to see you again. =)

  4. That’s a great story….I love the solitude of fishing…..whether it be out on the boat or castng a line while standing on shore….great feeling….catch or not..

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