Everything ends. But there are always new beginnings.

If we have been pleased with life,
we should not be displeased with death,
since it comes from the hand 
of the same master. – Michaelangelo

Lady Guinevere Of Camelot IV 1993-2010

Well folks, it’s been a long week since I last updated you. I received the official results of my MRI last Tuesday. My surgeon says I still have a protruding disc with compression of two nerve roots on the left (previous surgery was on the right). Long story short, he will not do the surgery (he is not a MediCal provider and only did the original surgery because “he was on call when I came into the ER.” I am looking for another surgeon who does participate, but am currently undergoing my yearly re-certification process with MediCal and must complete that first.

The rest of the week was kind of a blur do to back pain and lack of sleep. My beloved Lady Gwen, after 17 good years with me, lost control of her rear end and all that goes with it. She was up most nights, all night and although I knew I had to make the hard decision, I put it off as long as I could. On Saturday, I made the choice and was with her when the vet helped her on her way. It was peaceful.

Life swings like a giant pendulum, each day bringing a new challenge or reward. Yesterday, we attended a 3D ultrasound of RolyPoly, who is now 28wks5days. He looks just like his daddy, in my opinion. I have edited down the 15 min video to a manageable bit here so you can enjoy with us.

I am ready, for whatever life sends me today.


WW~Cute Little Tinkerbelle Apron


WW~Peace Out Dude, I’m Anti-Puffing My Eyes Right Now


  1. *sniffles* He’s soooooooooooo beautiful!

  2. Hope you have good luck finding someone for your back. I know how back problems are.
    .-= Grampy´s last blog ..All About Kids =-.

  3. So sorry about your loss. A few years ago I had to put down a cat I had for more than 18 years, so I know how you feel. Hugs to you.

    On a happier note, the little man is adorable! I can not wait to see real pictures when he is born all healthy and happy!

  4. So sorry about your loss. 🙁 I love the video! So sweet!!!
    .-= Spice´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday #24 =-.

  5. Sorry to hear about your dog… that’s never an easy decision. Love the pictures of the new one…we’re having another one expected 7/10/10. Hope you find a good dr whose hands are guided by the Master.
    .-= Judi´s last blog ..25 Secrets to Happiness =-.

  6. I’m sorry, love. So difficult.

  7. I am very sorry about your doggie–I nearly lost one of my own last month.

    I have had many surgeries, but none scare me so much as back surgery. Please leave no stone unturned in your search to be sure you absolutely must it done and that you’ve got the best person for the job. The failure rate is too high, and the odds of coming out of it even worse off too great.

  8. DJ

    So sorry to hear about Lady Gwen, sounds like she lived a long and happy life with you. I sure hope you find a good surgeon for your back soon, back pain must be awful to deal with daily.

  9. You are right there are always new beginnings–they happen in each moment. Thanks so much for sharing him with us–life is so amazing.

  10. I am so sorry.

  11. Hello Vixen, sorry about your dog. And about your back. I do hope you can get some help for that.
    What a beautiful RolyPoly!
    Hugs – Stine
    .-= Stine´s last blog ..Hello Again… =-.

  12. There’s always great beginnings. I like your post. I ‘ve watched the video and I couldn’t be more amazed of the baby who looks gorgeous inside the womb. Amazing!
    .-= Chandra´s last blog ..Plush Toys That Kids Love =-.

  13. Sorry about your back and dog. I will be hoping that things get better with this. I love what you wrote about the Pendulum swinging. Beautiful.

    The video was so beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes.

    Thanks for sharing.
    .-= Maria @ Conversations with Moms´s last blog ..A surprise few days off =-.

  14. I’m so sorry to hear about Lady Guinivere. May she rest in peace for all the love and service she gave you. I hope your back issues resolve themselves. What a mess.

    And congratulations on roly poly!
    .-= On a limb with Claudia´s last blog ..Learning to Stand :: Chapter One :: =-.

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