Adam and Eve had many advantages but the principal one was, that they escaped teething

It has been 19 years since I spent my days with a teething baby. I am not, at this point, waxing nostalgic.  So far today, it has taken three hours of rocking, swaying, chewing on a vibrating teether, a dose of Ibu, an explosive diaper episode, a calming bath, and more standing and swaying (me not him) to feel the freedom of a 20 minutes nap. Then there was a little more bottle and a 12 minute nap. Then a diaper change and the rest of the bottle and we are now 10 minutes into nap three. And the drool? How did I forget the amount of drool one small being is capable of emitting? Shirt four already today.

Someone remind me why we had to give up the whiskey on the gums thing?

Edited two hours later: Last nap lasted quite a long time, but unable to eat the bottle. A quick run to the store and one small bottle of miracle  (aka Baby Orajel) later and happy RolyPoly is back! Guess I can use that whiskey on myself!


I’ll Be Right There, Honey


Daydreaming At Night


  1. Sometimes the old ways seemed the best ways, huh?

  2. We had to give up the whiskey thing because to many people got it wrong. The parents were supposed to drink it to knock themselves out…not the baby. :0)

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