Bullet Test or Bullet Proof….

I have a new site design, I have a new site design, la la la laaaaaa la la.

I should post something right? Well, it was a holiday weekend you know. I got a little behind, what with all the days off and stuff (you people who know I am unemployed and always ‘off” just shush yourselves!) We had a wonderful holiday weekend, I have pics to share. We had fireworks (you people who know where we live and that they are illegal here? just shush yourselves again!)

I want to see what bullets look like on the new site so here we gooooooooooooo:

  • I got to HOLD Presto today. I happened to show up at the NICU at just the right moment and now, Bear and I are the only people who have had the chance to hold him (besides his lucky, blessed, lovely parents). He was SO TINY and light (compared to RolyPoly). But he gained another 2 ozs in the last two days. That boy will be home before I can say, ummm, Presto!
  • I have talked to some trainers/horse people/my heart and my sister (who happens to own  a stable in KY and lots of horses-including one who ran IN THE Kentucky Derby year before last. I have decided (with Bear) on a new approach to our riding and my beloved horse, Rain. I quit my lease and restarted it again (crazy much) within days. But now Bear and I are working together with just Rain. When I am confident (and as talented as Bear), then she will look back into leasing Knighthawk when she can concentrate on what he needs and not have to watch over me.
  • I rode today and I wasn’t afraid. It was relaxing, yet exhilarating. Peaceful and contemplative. Perfect.  Also my new helmet fits well, not that I needed it.
  • On Thursday, Bear and I are getting more spa-stuff: Hyrdo Therapy, facials, massage, some super shower thingy (using up what is left on our Groupons. Sure wish they hadn’t had a limit of one per person.) I could completely and totally become a rich person who goes to the spa daily. I could. I just know I could.
  • Tomorrow I will be babysitting RolyPoly. We get him three days a week. You probably notice which days they are, because those are the days I don’t post anything.
  • I feel better emotionally and spiritually today than I have in months. I wonder if it’s just that super cute new header?!?! I mean Jenn couldn’t have come any closer to ‘creating’ me.
  • My husband got a new steering wheel for Father’s Day. He couldn’t install it before because the car was being painted. It’s in there now. And there must be some issue with the horn. Because HE KEEPS HONKING IT.
  • Done with bullets now. Will go finish cooking dinner.
  • Love you all and you can just keep on leaving me comments about how freaking awesome the new layout is!


To Jenn, With Love


WW~The Big Sparkler (aka Roman Candles in my day)


  1. Wow that layout is freaking awesome. hehe
    Yay that you got to hold Presto! 😀

  2. I am thrilled to hear your life is going better these days. Congrats on the new grandchild!!!!

    My spouse found a job which will cover the unemployment that was going to run out at end of month. I had a good interview last Tuesday. Called today and she was saying they need mid-shidt nurses 2:00pm-10:30pm, my ideal time. Unless this is one evil lady and I don’t think she is, I might just have a job….shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhkeep those fingers crossed and prayers a’coming.

    Love you and hugs

  3. I like the new design, nice! Give Presto a hug for me next time you get to hold him.

  4. Blog is awesome. I want to go riding with you guys.

  5. what a cool new design!

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