Some time ago I was approached by ecoSTOREUSA to review two of their products, here is a snippet:

I may not be a mother, wife, or a blogger, but if there’s anything that I know for sure- it’s that you, like me have people in your life that you love.
One way I prove my love to these people is by reducing the amount of chemicals that they come in contact to. This is why I represent An extension of a 20 year old New Zealand company that makes affordable plant based, non-toxic Household Cleaning, Baby and Personal Care Products that contain No Nasty Chemicals™.
·Now, more than ever, we believe that the voice of the Mom Blogger, relative to the health of her family and the planet, coincide with the Ecostore mission. Word of mouth marketing and listening to the consumer – that’s us!
·The Founder was a stay at home dad living in an eco-village.
·We offer free shipping on orders over $25 and you can find us at Meijer and Duane Reade stores.

Already having two young grandchildren running around in the house and knowing that when RolyPoly’s mom would return to work we would be tending him several days of the week, I was excited to pick and try two products that would be safer to use around the house for them and for my little chihuahuas (which are just like little people: low to the ground, everything goes in their mouth and they need care, lol).

I chose the All Purpose Cleaner and the Laundry Powder. I found both products to exceed most of my expectations. The citrus-based all purpose cleaner has such a pleasant scent, that it was love at first sniff. But the truly amazing result I found was that after cleaning my counter tops daily with a regular cleanser; the first time I used this new spray my rag came away filthy! There was so much build up on the counters that I wasn’t seeing, I was a bit grossed out by what I saw. My “clean” counters hadn’t really been clean at all until I tried this product. I am actually on my second bottle. I use it every where in the house, from the kitchen to the outside screen room. It gets off every single thing my family has thrown at me; from markers to exploded soda on the walls (that dried because no one told me about said explosion). This is my favorite product ever. I have a steam cleaner for the floors, but for stubborn spills I spray a little on the spots before I steam clean and feel safe having small ones crawl around without worries of nasty chemicals getting on their hands and feet!

The laundry detergent impressed me with it’s value. Due to it’s concentrated form, I use a lot less detergent each load and my clothes come out just as clean. And now that RolyPoly is here (and doing the usual baby thing of having an accident or four a day) I have had to do his laundry quite often. I feel so much more confident doing his laundry with a soap that is plant based and contains no nasty chemicals. The powder has virtually no scent, so I will be perfectly honest in my review and tell you that my youngest (19) daughter (the Queen of all things must smell really, really good-including laundry soap) was not impressed. She now buys her own to use, which works in my benefit two ways A) I save money and B) My husband’s skin tends to react to laundry detergent with lots of perfumes in it. So win/win for me. Seriously, you only need to use a small amount of this detergent and you get clean clothes! What a money saver and it is planet friendly.

Now that Presto is here, being such a preemie, I know that when he finally gets to come home he will have some special needs. I am heading over to the Baby section of this great store to find some products for his family as part of their baby shower gift (okay, he actually arrived just before the baby shower so we had to cancel, but we are planning a ‘baby arrival’ party instead).

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Disclaimer: ecoSTORE provided me the above products for free to review. All opinions are 100% mine and I did not receive any other compensation for providing this review.