Trying To Fit It All In On Friday

Whew, from last Friday to this Friday a lot has happened. I am a new aunt again, as my step-brother had his second daughter yesterday. She is a beautiful baby girl 6lbs 6oz and she and mom are doing well. Presto (our NICU) baby is doing FANTASTIC. He is off all IVs and never had to get a PIC line. He gets a little nasal cannula oxygen once in while, but most importantly is feeding and tolerating food well. He even had his first bowel movement, which means he is processing his food! Mom got to hold him outside the incubator yesterday! We had some issues with the horses and got out of our lease on Tuesday. I have been praying about it, and talking to some people (and will do some more talking), but I think I have come up with a new plan which I hope to share in the next week or so. There has been some other drama in my life, which was affecting my personal feelings of well-being and peace, but I am working and praying on those also. Babysitting RolyPoly three days a week has really cut into my sewing time and ApronFrenzy is taking a hit. I spent a ton of money on material months ago and with all that has been going in my life over the last few months I got very few done. So today I am offering up the SALE OF THE CENTURY. For one day only. Even if you don’t want them, but sure and tell your friends, I could use the help! If you order all three of these awesome 4th of July Snoopy aprons before 3:45pm PST TODAY, I will include overnight delivery (for Saturday, just in time for your 4th of July celebration) at no extra charge, you just pay the regular S&H and I will pick up the difference for overnight service! Plus I am giving you the sale price on these three aprons (total value of $84.93) for just $67.94. That is a savings of 20% off retail! All three aprons are the made from the same material so can be used together as a family set, or split up for hostess gifts. The women’s Maryjane style can be seen here. The Unisex Adult BBQ (can be worn by male for female) style can be seen in the right picture of this post here. The child’s matching apron is the same exact style as the Adult BBQ apron and is a medium, it has one long tie so can adjust to fit most any child.

Buy here.

Now I still have a lot of money invested into aprons with a patriotic or red/white/blue theme to them and I will continue to finish them up, because to me summer=BBQ and BBQ=America. But this is the only material I have that actually says 4th of July, so I really want someone to have them for this holiday. Thus the sale. Tell your friends, tell your parents, tell your neighbors!

You can click here to purchase the set. Thanks for everything and Happy Independence Weekend!


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  1. I posted this on Facebook and blogged about it. Have a wonderful Fourth of July!

  2. Glad to hear the update on Presto! Sorry to hear about your drama…I’m praying right now.

  3. Lots going on! Congrats on becoming an aunt and good to hear about Presto! The aprons are very cute! Hope all goes well with everything else. Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  4. Our prayers continue for you all. Have a loving and proud to be an American 4th of July!

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