WW~We Went Haircut CRAZY


Look Underneath The Breast, To The Heart


Friday Heat Frustration


  1. Awww everyone looks lovely!

  2. Pretty, pretty girls! Don’t you all feel so sassy now?

  3. you guys look GREAT!

  4. Wow, you all look great and I want your hair cut!!!

  5. Everyone looks great!! :0)

  6. Looking good Ladies. I just did mine also. It has been quite awhile for me.

  7. You all look fabulous!

  8. Very flattering. Bangs suit you. I’m praying for you to get a job!! If I can do it and spouse can do it so can you!!!!<3<3

  9. You all look beautiful!

  10. You all look very lovely in your new do’s!

  11. oh my goodness! But you all look lovely:)

  12. Everybody looks so cute!

  13. You all look terrific. I wore my hair the way yours is styled. It is so easy!

  14. Mar

    Y’all look great! (Y’all? Really? My brain must be fried).

  15. Everyone looks great! Love the layered look.

  16. Oh how fun! When my daughter got to be a teen we would cut and dye each others hair all the time.

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