It Must Be Sunday

  1. Coma :: A soap opera standard, back in the day.
  2. Aristotle :: Married to Jacki Kennedy?
  3. Pink eye :: Haven’t had to deal with that for years, thank heavens.
  4. Expensive :: Life
  5. Dancer :: White Knights: Mikhail Baryshnikov & Gregory Hines RAWR
  6. Lipstick :: Must use to protect lips from sun
  7. Buffer :: polish
  8. Stilettos :: Sexy
  9. Booming ::  the kid’s radio across the street while he cleans his car
  10. Rap :: Eminem


And to any new fans we made along the way, I say… welcome to our party. It’s just starting to get going.


My Candle In The Night

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  1. We have been VERY fortunate here with the whole Pink eye situation, we’ve only had 2 rounds and it was Hubbie and 1 boy. Sticky stuff but I was going around the house like crazy with lysol wipes.

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