Unruly Thoughts In The Early Morn

Thoughts this morning between 5:30-6:38am:

  • What is that annoying buzzing sound coming from the clock next to my head?
  • Oh crap, I have to get up?
  • Who said I have to work a desk job? I bet hookers make good money and they work nights.
  • Holy hell,  it’s early.
  • Why am I so congested?
  • Look at him sleeping so peacefully there….I need a life insurance policy on him. Then I collect on it and stay home.
  • Jeez, dressy clothes are too warm. Why can’t I wear shorts and a tank top to work?
  • Hookers can wear whatever they want to work.
  • Why don’t I shave my head? Then I wouldn’t have to blow dry my hair.
  • I hate knee high stockings. Why can’t I wear my flip flops?
  • Oh look, it’s so early there is no traffic. Now I am 40 minutes early and the building is locked.
  • I need a nap already.
  • I wonder, now that Craigslist doesn’t do sex ads, where one would find a pimp?

Work went really well. I am going to love it there, I am sure. Thanks for all your well wishes and support!


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  1. you are so crazy. i had some of those same thoughts, over here, but i won’t tell you which ones. hahahahahaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…

  2. LOL You are wacky!

  3. On that last point…just look for an old pimped up cadillac! :0)

  4. These are very unruly! Good title, hahah! Go to PearlAlliance.org, and you may change your mind about #3, 8, and 13!

  5. I am so happy for you on the new job. Praying it goes well and you love it. 🙂

  6. Very amusing and yet so true. I need a life insurance policy on my spouse as well. Love and many hugs!!!!!!

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