Whoops I Need A Title…

And the winner is????

Drum roll, please? Anyone? Have a drum? Play your fingers on the table top? If it’s not Lily or Will (who entered half a million times) it will be a miracle:

Random Numbers* 15

* This table of 1 random numbers was produced according to the following specifications: Numbers were randomly selected from within the range of 1 to 49. Duplicate numbers were not allowed.

Okay, number 15! I am back from vacation, got home late last night…went up for work at 5 ‘hell o’clock so figure out who you are all by yourself! Hah, just kidding. The winner is….

Wait, I have to go count. Ahhhh, no miracles tonight. If you and your husband enter my contest 43 times out of 49 entries? You might win….

It’s Lily @militaryfamof8: September 16, 2010 at 7:20 am

“blade, blade, blade, blade”
((like the dog from Dr. Doolittle when the dog is saying “tree, tree, tree”

Whew, that was a great contest. I should go on vacation more often!

Thank you all for playing. Trust me, I have much much more to catch you up on! RolyPoly’s introduction to most of the family, Int’l Pirate Day, Federal Penitentiaries and Condoleeza Rice! Bet you can’t wait! But work, she is a wicked slave driver, so you will have to hang on the edges of your chairs (or walkers or high chairs depending on my demographic for the day). I miss you all so much! Work is okay except for the BLOCKING THE INTERNET thing. Sigh.


WW~Caption Contest Win $75!


Unconcious Muttering #40



    I WON!!!!
    Take THAT “husband who thought you were gonna beat me!!!!”

    LOL we had a blast entering your contest Vicky, thanks SO much!!

  2. Aw come on, if you had the internet to play with work would never get done. Got my first paycheck today and it felt so freeing!!!!!!

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