As The Eating Holiday Approaches

There is a mad dash at my house to increase the number of possible dining options in my house. Two years ago, we had celebrated my famous Thanksgiving dinner here at the new tiny house and had to take turns eating. No one was thrilled with that, least of all me. Last year, I cooked over at MacD’s place. But now that they have a baby I really would like to go back to cooking on my own place.

So I came up with a plan…I want Mr. Vixen to make me a set very much like this:

Except, longer on both sides for more seating. Additionally, instead of a bench on the outside, I am saving up for some dining chairs to be added as needed. A table like this will take up a lot less space in my tiny dining corner all year round (which is where I do my sewing) so it is an excellent investment. The only problem? We forget to get started before now!

Maybe by Christmas dinner??????


WW~Eat, drink and be scary


Since We May Be Entering Our Own Depression


  1. I enjoy wrap around seating like that! We’re cramming 12 around a space that is comfortable for 6! It’s all good… :0)

  2. Hi V!!

    Oh we have this problem in a bad bad way. I hope you get everybody seated. I wish we could eat all our meals outside!

  3. That looks like a good idea. Make sure he puts cushions on the seats. And when he is finished you can send him over here.LOL

  4. Good luck with that!!! I know you’ll have a fantastic Thanksgiving with or without enough furniture!! Hugs.

  5. beautiful set up, very cozy and intimate, hope you will have a wonderful thanksgiving.

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