The hair is the richest ornament of women

Last Wednesday, Bear and I joined the SDMomfia for a night at Detour Salon where we were treated to champagne, fantastic catered food and some great hair stylists!

We each were pampered by our very own stylist, ready to restore our hair with a deep conditioning and answer any styling questions we had. My stylist was the very best. It has been years since I’ve had my hair done in a salon and sheDeTours2 certainly reminded me of why I did and why I miss it. She not only treated my hair to a deep conditioning (the benefits of which I am still feeling), she took a bad cut and reworked it into what I had asked for in the first place! Then she proceeded to show me how to style it into the look I wanted. I scheduled my next visit before I left.

The salon itself is exactly as they claim: Hip and urban. I loved the look and feel of the place. The owners, along with the stylists, are charming, funny and they know HAIR.

I went in thinking I’d get to visit with my lovely friends and treat Bear to a deep conditioning for her hair- you know, chat a little and sip some champagne. I got that and so much more. I came home hair ‘smarter’, better able to style my own hair and the proud new client of hairdresser. I love that I can now say, “My hairdresser….”

The night was wonderful and made extra special by the bonus of finding a hair dresser I adore. As we were leaving, Bear spotted the ‘feather extensions’ and talked me into getting one also, although I had never heard of them before. We left with fab hair, a little more hip and urban than when we entered. If you are looking for a great salon, I highly recommend Detour.

The pictures aren’t great, I forgot my camera so I only had my phone which doesn’t do great in low light. Bear’s hair looked so HOT.

Word of warning if you are considering having a feather extension and you own cats. You may wake up in the night with a cat on your head and the sound of chewing in your ear….just saying.

detour1 DeTours3

Check out Detour Salon and stop in the Detours Boutique to receive 15% off all retail purchases through May 31, 2011 when you mention

Disclosure: I was not paid by Detour Salon to write about the event or complimentary services.


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  1. Happy and pretty!

  2. And what a beautiful lady she is. You look wonderful together.

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