I Think I’ll Be A Clown When I Get Growd Up

RBBB141_logoComp_rd8_colorStackwebTonight is opening night of Fully Charged presented by Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey in San Diego. Excitement is high here at The Den, as Mr. Vixen and I are taking three of the grandkids tonight for their first BIG CIRCUS ADVENTURE.

For me there is nothing better than a really, really amped up and excited grandkid (because I get to send them home later, tee hee), so we started the day early this morning with a special behind the scenes visit to the circus grounds. We were able to see all the horses, tigers, and the elephants; up close and personal. We even saw an elephant get its bath! Did you know they have special wash made just for elephants? They do and its called Safari Shampoo!

If you are in the San Diego area, run out and get some tickets to the circus! I learned this morning that the animal area is open to all ticket holders 90 minutes before each show! You can see all the animals up close before the show and meet their trainers.

Here are some pics of our visit this morning. I hope I see you tonight at the circus. If you don’t have tickets yet, the circus is here all the way through Sunday, the 17th with two shows a day on Friday and Sunday, and three shows on Saturday! Click here for schedule and ticket information.






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  1. We went back in February, and loved it! Then again, anywhere there are elephants is a hit with me 🙂 Have fun.

  2. That looks like way too much fun. Those horses are GORGEOUS!

  3. Carol Ann Bissonnette

    I think that is awesome, I love doing things with my grandkids! Glad to hear that you had a supper great wonderful kids, and sending the little guys back home hiped up is great! High five!

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