Let’s Talk Feet. Heels. Toes. Arches. And Hoofs.

So as stories go, this one is your average “oh I accidentally put my foot underneath my horse’s hoof, which I was holding HIGHish above the ground, and it landed on my toes” story.

It hurt. A lot. I am sure Calypso thought I had lost my mind as I pounded my hoof pick into the side of the shed, while moaning sounds were very similar to cuss words. But I couldn’t cuss because the grandkids were there.

Having painful feet is not new to me. I have plantar fasciitis and at times it is so bad, I can barely walk. Really painful. (not quite as painful as a 1,000-pound horse’s hoof, but still painful). Now I don’t often (never) where flip flops to work, but I did today. Mostly because I couldn’t fit those purple toes into my dress shoes. Luckily for me my work was understanding (although they don’t know I put my feet up on my desk and snapped this picture…that I did on the sly)

The point of the picture (besides showing off those sexy purple sausages) was to show how great looking these shoes are! But more importantly, they make my feet feel wonderful. Not just good, but really wonderful. I have zero plantar pain since I have been wearing them (everyday since BlogHer) and I am just amazed. I have used orthotics and had some relief, but not like this. And inserts don’t work in flip flops, which is what I wear everyday here in Sunny Diego.

The story of how my arches came to love me again began during BlogHer’11, when I was invited to the “Healthy Feet Fit Suite!” hosted by Orthaheel, where I was given the flip flops to try. Even more exciting than the free sandals was the link to their website. I had NO IDEA you could get good-for-your-feet shoes that are also super cute too! The only orthotic shoes I have seen before looked like old lady shoes or nurse’s shoes (no offense to other old ladies besides me or nurses).

I simply must get these (SQUEEE!!!!! SUPER CUTE) Melissa slip-ons for work.

I.just. must. have.these.now.==============================>>>>>>

I invite you to check them out, not because they gave me free flip flops, but if there is a chance your painful, hurting (non-horse-smashed) feet could feel as good as mine do in these shoes it would be a crime for me not to share! Visit weilbeing.com and  orthaheelusa.com to see more style and comfort.


Disclosure: I was invited to the Healthy Feet Suite at BlogHer’11 and was given those awesome green flip flops. I was not asked to blog or review this product, but chose to do so because I liked them ALOT. All views, opinions, and horse injuries are mine.


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  1. Oh my. I’m on my way… my plantar fascitis is terrible. Thanks for the link!

    And? SO GLAD I got to meet you in person! xoxo

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