Too Overwhelmed to Write

So a lot of things have changed around here since I have been regularly posting. So much, that I eventually gave up posting. I was/am overwhelmed. I want to share everything but there is so much I can’t get myself to do it. It seems impossible. So I will use bullets to share highlights of what I can remember. And then, if anyone still reads here, you can all PIPE UP in the comments and tell me which teaser you would like more information on first and that will be my next post! Sounds fun. (probably won’t work because no one reads anymore, but perhaps all this will be out-of-the-way and I will be free to begin blogging again? One can hope?)

  • RolyPoly is getting a baby sister! MacD and Funsize are having a scheduled c-section on Aug 30th. The baby needs a super-secret-internet name. You all should get on that right NOW.
  • Bear and Fishboy became engaged just before Christmas.
  • We got a second horse at Christmas. Miss Bonnie Blue (reg. Pushin Little Princess) is a curious, intelligent, trouble making sweetheart TN Walking Horse. She and Calypso adore each other. It was a gift from me to Mr. Vixen so we could start riding together.
  • Mr. Vixen got a new knee!
  • In February, at the beginning of my first ever trail ride a motorcycle came up on a side road and scared Calypso. He spun and took off, along with the two horses that were being ponied by my friends. I did not make the spin. I instead launched off, rolled down an embankment and landed under a pasture fence. I broke 7 bones throughout my body, needed surgical repair (pins) placed in my finger, bruised everything and also tore some menisc-ally stuff that still is going to need surgery to repair. Was not fun.
  • Because of that I haven’t ridden much and am just getting my confidence back.
  • Baby Banana (Nannygoat’s youngest) is going to turn one next month and she has THE MOST BEAUTIFUL EYES of any child on the planet. I have pictures to prove it. She also needs a better S-S-I name, which you all can pick too.
  • In May, Fishboy decided he did not want to be a part of the den anymore. At all. This caused significant heartache for Bear and for us to have to move on very short notice.
  • However, sometimes good things come out of bad experiences. In June, we relocated the Den to “Pterodactyl Ranch”. Our house is twice as big as before, has central air and (most importantly) is a horse property.
  • The horses now live in my back yard. This has reduced our TV time to zero and computer time to 1/16th of what it was before. We are real country-folk now. Living in the country is 100 times less stressful than I dreamed.
  • Being in the country and working on 2-acres of yard that had gone to waste is a good way to start losing weight. Mr. Vixen has lost 15 pounds already and I have lost 9. I am still more overweight than I have ever been in my entire life (even pregnant) and need to find ways to make that happen.
  • I made some super cute things for the new baby girl’s baby shower, very original, keepsake value and uber-inexpensive. I should put up how-to and pictures, right?

I know there are many, many more things I have left out. But if I don’t post this now….it will just sit here for another year and even more stuff will happen.

Know that I am still here and still reading all your blogs, even though I may not comment! Leave me a comment and help me change that!


Found: Lost Blogger Wearing Glasses and a Sun Hat. Reward to whoever picks her up first.


The Fourth Year


  1. Mar

    You know I still hang out here :). And not when I’m just trying to look busy and hide in my office 🙂
    I will concur that baby Blue (?!?!) does have the most amazing eyes ever.

    I’ll be back with more, I still have 2 hours worth of looking busy before it’s time to go home.

  2. Lots going on in your house! Email me please, the engagement is off? I don’t understand why you had to move. Sounds like a wonderful place. I hear ya on the weight loss. Ugh
    Karen recently posted..Five Question Friday #15

  3. I thought we changed Babar’s name to baby Banana? I have no idea what to call Roly Poly’s little sister. Maybe sleepyhead, since she likes to sleep during her NST check ups, and she has no desire to come out even though I am having contractions and the NST nurse confirmed it.
    Funsize recently posted..A Sure Bet

  4. Wow, it sounds like you have been busy. I hope you are feeling better after your 7 bones. That sounds so painful.
    Small Town Mommy recently posted..Lorax in the Small Town

  5. Glad to hear from you again, Vixen. I apologize too for not being here often 🙁 I am sorry to hear about your 7 broken bones 🙁 hope you recuperate completely soon. Also, congratulations on getting a new house in the country, I know though you may be in the country now but it is still not that far to the city. congratulations also on the weight loss, and the many good things going on in your life.
    betchai recently posted..Part 2 of Grand Canyon Rim to River Hike Via South Kaibab-Bright Angel Trail

  6. Wow. That is more than an overflowing plate! Glad to see you posting again, even though it sounds like you’re having tonnes of fun being county folk.
    Neeroc recently posted..Happy Hundredth Julia!

  7. Heather

    Sometimes bad things happen so that great things can come out of them. How sad for Bear, but how great that you guys ended up at Pterodactyl Ranch and you have your beautiful horses right where they belong, with their people. Reminds me when bad stuff happens, to look for the good thing that is trying to come out of it. And I want pictures of the cool stuff you made! Please?

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