Big Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow, January 3rd 2013, I will turn 50. I don’t think I mind being that old, at least not very much. What I do mind are the things I have not accomplished by now. I have this overwhelming feeling I should have done more by now. I have no idea what more or how more or why more. I just have a feeling.

I said in my last post I was not going to do a New Year’s resolution this year. But now that I realize I am going to be 50 tomorrow, I believe I want to do something that is like a resolution but not quite the same. Perhaps more like a bucket list. Not a list of things to do before I die, even at 50 I am hoping I am only half way through this life. Maybe a list of things to do this year. Things I really want to do/learn/whatever. In this year. Some easy to carry out and some that are a stretch. That’s it… I want to come up with a couple of stretch goals for my 50th year.

Maybe by tomorrow I will have some ideas and I will share. Or maybe you have some ideas?


New Year, New Effort. Oh wait, that is tomorrow.


My Jubilee


  1. I’m a year behind you, sister. I want to just keep doing all the stuff I’ve been doing — raising my kids, hoping someday to have grandkids (i know how much you love yours 🙂 ) and spend lots of time with them, gardening, writing, hanging out with Steve-o. Travel around the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Remember to pay the bills. Oh, and find a full-time job and work for the next 20 years, speaking of bills! Or win the lottery. Either way.

    Happy birthday, honey. Love you.
    Wacky Mommy recently posted..on writing/not writing + a photo

  2. Great

    my dearest first born grandchild…..I, who held you in my arms when you were first born, marvel at the beautiful wonderful woman you have become !!!!! You are the perfect and strongest of true Irish women… have climbed the highest mountains you have faced in life and come out the victor… have held together a wonderful family and now are reaping the rewards of having them… have known what it is to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and go on… have many years ahead of you and you will have many accomplishments and happiness in them….. I hope you will consider using your fine intelligence to move ahead and keep on smiling your beautiful smile…..go for whatever you really want for yourself… will reflect on others …..and keep on believing in miracles, for goodness sake, you got your horse didn’t you !!!!! I love you now and forever…..head up and back straight face the next 50 years with confidence in yourself…..have very Happy Birthday…..your Gram

  3. Great

    love you

  4. (I love your Grama.)

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