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A child can ask questions that a wise man cannot answer

We haven’t had to deal with any death in the family with Ladybug and WhatAboutMe? (formerly known as Butterball) so we had never discussed the eventuality of attending a funeral with them.  Grandma Max’s death caught us unprepared and off-guard. In our shock and grief we just jumped into a car and headed to her town, wanting to be there for Pop. Looking back on it, I am sure there are tons of resources and books out there that could have helped and guided us with age appropriate ways to talk to a 5 and 3 year old about death and funerals. We had none of that and, in fact, the idea didn’t cross our minds until Tuesday as we approached the memorial chapel for the viewing. We quickly came to the decision that we would take turns inside the viewing room with family, while the girls stayed in the provided children’s play area–never to be any wiser as to the adult goings on.

Nanny had discussed with the girls that the next day we would be attending a ‘special event’. Not using the words funeral or death, she explained they would have to be on their best church behavior: quiet and still, knowing they were familiar with that and would understand. You can imagine my dismay when I arrived the next morning to realize it was going to be an open casket. We had ten minutes to spare, so I grabbed Nanny and asked her if we should prepare the girls in some way? Considering the room was only about 20’x30’, there was no way they wouldn’t notice a body in a casket in the room. She quickly came up with the idea of telling them that “like in the movie Snow White” there would be a lady sleeping in a casket at the front of the room, but they had to be on their best behavior and I told them if they had any questions to save them until after the service. It seemed as if it just might work, but I have learned over the years….never underestimate the brilliant mind of a child.

Scene: Inside a small memorial room with four rows of seats a beautiful woman of 92 dressed in a lovely pink gown, lies in repose in an ornate white casket, surrounded by a sea of fragrant flowers. A grandma, holding her 5-year-old granddaughter’s hand, makes her way to the back row followed by her husband and her eldest daughter who is holding on to her 3-year-old daughter. They take their seats and the 5-year-old begins craning her neck—trying to see past the other mourner’s heads to the front of the room and eventually scoots up into her grandmother’s lap to see better.

Ladybug: (whispering) Grandma? I still can’t see.
Grandma: (whispering) That’s okay, honey. You’re not missing anything. You’ll be able to see the pastor when she comes out to talk.
Ladybug: (whispering with a hint of pleading) But Grandma, I can’t see it.
Grandma: (whispering) Shhh, sweetie. Just hang in there, we’ll be done soon.

 There is quiet for a moment and then the child leans back towards grandmother’s ear:

Ladybug: (whispering) Grandma? Where are the dwarfs?
Grandma: (stunned) Huh??? Oh, ummm, well, they’re not here.
Ladybug: (normal voice) Oh. So it’s just Snow White in this show?

The grandma takes the little girls hand and quickly exits the room. On the way grabbing the mother & telling her they need another meeting out in the hall before the service starts.

 Later in the day, we were able to laugh about it, as did everyone who heard the story. At the time, I was too worried that she was going to grow up and tell everyone the story about the time “Grandma took me to see a Snow White show and all I got to see was a dead body.”

WW-Zoo Day

A Pony Named Hurry

IMG_0287 On Sunday, a group of bloggers was invited to Family Fun Day at the Del Mar Races. The weather was so perfect and I sprang for valet parking (I know, I really stepped out there didn’t I?). We took the g-babes and Bear. We got to visit a bit with a bunch of bloggers (for the first time I knew more of them than I didn’t know….I have really expanded my horizons, right?). Took the girls on a ride or two, waited in line for food, and bet on one race.

All in all, the girls had a wonderful time and it reminded my husband and I that we haven’t been to the races in years and years. So we have arranged for an ‘adult’ day during the week for us to go back and spend the day, betting, losing winning and just having fun.

Both the girls received a Webkinz Plush Horse as we entered the gates. I asked Ladybug what she was going to name hers and she said Hurry. I had her repeat it twice to be sure. So maybe the five year old understands more about horse racing than I thought?IMG_0285

If you can’t get a sitter and have kids ages 5-12, there is also “Camp Del Mar”. Open everyday during the season, this is a safe, fun place to bring your kids for the day while parents have some adult-time at the races.

There will also be another Family Fun Day over Labor Day weekend. Huge thanks to the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club for hosting and @HipMamaB for the invite!

IMG_0305 IMG_0294

I’ll Be Right There, Honey

Between taking the girls to the pool, visiting Presto in the NICU and the fact that RolyPoly has decided to get teeth at only 3.5 months!!! I sure wish I had time to write some of the posts that have been running through my head. But with teething, RolyPoly only naps for very short bursts of 10 to 5 minutes….wait, maybe 4. Hold on, I’ll be right back.

WW~We Went Haircut CRAZY

Nothing is more exciting and bonding in relationships than creating together

Nannygoat and Lloyd needed a chance to go visit Presto at the NICU and some time to be adults without kids around. So I had Ladybug and Butterball (now also known as the DIVA) over for an evening of fun. As usual, the lords of the universe were smiling upon me because Twittermoms had just sent me a sample of Glue Dots and I was excited to have the girls try them! I didn’t have a big plan for it, so we just grabbed some construction paper and started creating! The girls really liked the Glue Dot applicators, so easy for their little fingers to use (and easy to switch from left to right hand, which is important when you are crafting with a lefty AND a righty at the same time).

First you make it:

IMG_6562 IMG_6566

IMG_6573 IMG_6577

Then you show them off:

IMG_6567 IMG_6579

The you add a bunch more Glue Dots on the back and hang them on Grandma’s fridge!

IMG_6572 IMG_6583

What great fun we had. I love these Glue Dots, seriously in love. No mess, easy to use, easy to store. I had actually already used some back on Father’s Day for little craft project myself: I did a scrapbook page for MacD for his 1st Father’s Day with RolyPoly and the frame required the picture be sandwiched between glass. The picture kept slipping when Glue Dots came to the rescue:


I wrote this blog post while participating in the TwitterMoms and Glue Dots blogging contest to possibly receive a gift card. For more information on how you can participate, click here.

Weekends are a bit like rainbows; they look good from a distance but disappear when you get up close to them.

It is Friday and as the weekend approaches I wanted to post some things and catch you all up on life at the den. I am going to do some bullets here, so don’t I don’t get too overwhelmed!

  • Funsize went back to work starting last week and so we are babysitting RolyPoly three days a week. I now remember how much fun it is to have a baby all day. I also remember how that fun takes up all your free time.
  • I really did post this week. Three times in fact! (ha ha, you know I didn’t actually do three posts this week.) Well, I did. I just posted them all today! Tricky, right? So go now and read. On Tuesday, I told you all about how I’ve been laid up for a week or two. On Wednesday, I did a Wordless Wednesday (adorable baby pic!). And on Thursday I shared a recipe with you!
  • I have a review coming up for some wonderful, natural cleaning supplies. Now that there is a baby in the house, I find it more important to go green!  You can go ahead and check them out, because my review is a very, very positive one!
  • It’s almost 4th of July and BBQ season has already begun. In the next few days/week there will be a lot of new stuff going on at ApronFrenzy so get ready to shop and share with your friends and family. Or feel free to buy the ones already there!
  • I updated WordPress and now blog is funky and off and I can’t fix it. I mean I know how to fix it, back in the days before GoDaddyTheAwful got me all infected and then denied it. But back then I transferred to a new host and guess what???? I am so brain dead that I never asked how to get to my FTP to fix things! Brilliant, huh? Here’s hoping @princessjenn gets back to me soon, lol.
  • Enjoy your weekend, please comment on my posts from this week and continue to come and visit me! I’ve missed your input and visits. I’ll leave you with a lovely little up and coming cowgirl-in-training, my Butterball!

Getting Back To The Great Outdoors

Growing up, my parents took me camping all the time. Nearly every special memory I have from my youth was at a campground or the cabin (which was camping, but with a bed!). The first 14 years of my married life were spent in Utah where camping is plentiful and my kids were indoctrinated at a very early age. After moving here in 1998, we camped a lot less. Life got busier and then the kids became teens and next thing I knew, they were all grown up and trying to live their own lives. But I miss camping a lot and I felt sad that Ladybug and Butterball weren’t growing up with the camping experience. So, for Nannygoat’s birthday I bought her and her family a giant tent! Then on Mother’s Day I bought her a camp stove. To top it all off, I made reservations for two sites at a local campground for this past weekend. Super close to home in case we needed to go back and just for one night–sort of a practice run.

Of course our newest addition to the family, RolyPoly, wasn’t about to be left out. So MacDougal, Funsize and the new babe pitched their tent too! Sparkles brought Floozy on her first camping trip with us and Lightening Boy came too. My cousin brought her two girls for the day so she (an they) could finally meet RolyPoly and her kids could play with Ladybug and Butterball. Although Bear and Fishboy couldn’t stay with us due to work on Sunday, they still came up Saturday evening for s’mores and a a visit.

My fun loving grand-girls had the time of their lives! Dirt, dirt and more dirt is the newest and most fun toy they’ve ever played with! The adults had a very nice time also. RolyPoly has been having some issues sleeping at night since he was born. Apparently the camping gene runs very strong in him, as his night at the campground was the best night he’s slept since he was born! All in all, it was a great time. Check out the pictures here on my flickr, the one here of RolyPoly is one of my faves!

I have so much going on I need to get around to sharing with you. Working on a big, special, fancy, blog redesign! And maybe then I will be inspired and blog some more (ha ha ha).  Registered for college….I have no idea what I am doing, but apparently I need to decide soon. Ladybug had her IEP for KINDERGARDEN!?!?! (not sure how that is possible, since she was just born right?). More to share about the babes, life in general, and stuff (like this new laptop I am typing on right now).

Health-wise, I am doing great. The meds kicked right in and I am right back on track. Now I just need to get back on track here. Thanks to all of you for hanging around during my ‘distracted by new baby’ time. I won’t say it’s over yet, but I hope for the blog’s sake I can get some writing done!

WW~I Seem To Have This Effect On My Granchildren

WW~Sick Of New Grandson Pictures Yet? Too Bad

Okay, for today I will let you slide. Today we will have The Frosting Lick by Butterball. Hey, she’s a granddaughter not a grandson–different enough for me. AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO NANNYGOAT!!!! (I’d post a pic of her instead, but she’d just kill me. So I did on of her baby instead!)

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