Going out is a big deal around here. Mostly it doesn’t happen. Being on a very fixed budget can do that to a couple. So I was excited when I was invited to review the new Wanchai Ferry frozen entrées. A chance to dine at a restaurant without leaving the house? Perfection.

Now available in the freezer case at Target, Wanchai Ferry frozen entrées offer restaurant quality Chinese food without the trouble of having to leave home.

Wanchai Ferry Orange Chicken has all of the ingredients needed to prepare a great-tasting, complete Chinese meal for 2 in only 14 minutes! With lightly battered chicken breast pieces that stay crispy when prepared and wholesome Asian-style vegetables, like tender broccoli florets, snappy julienne carrots and delicate baby corn, Wanchai Ferry Orange Chicken will make you feel as though you’re enjoying a meal at your favorite Asian restaurant! It even comes with fluffy, tender Jasmine rice and a tangy orange glaze that adds the perfect touch of spicy heat.

Wanchai Ferry frozen entrées are also available in four other delicious varieties including Shrimp Lo Mein, Spicy Garlic Chicken and Sweet & Sour Chicken. Additionally, all of the entrées have no added MSG!

My review: Fancy Dinner a la chez Vixen’s Den

I decided to go with the Orange Chicken. Because, well, truth his Mr. Vixen doesn’t like much variety in his food and doesn’t do vegetables. The preparation time was just as quick as they said and super easy. The portion size of chicken seemed a little on the low size, but probably perfect if either Mr. Vixen or I ate more healthy portions! (we are working on it, trust me!). We also have two kids in the house we need to feed, so I purchased a bag of other-brand frozen orange chicken and prepared some regular white rice for them. Mr. Vixen and I ate the Wenchai Ferry food, but sampled the other chicken to compare. We both agreed that the chicken and sauce in the Wenchai Ferry entrée was much better in both quality and flavor. I (unlike Mr. Vixen) thoroughly enjoyed the baby corn cobs, carrots and brocolli. The package includes the everything needed for a meal for two, including steamed rice which was perfect and had a very adequate amount for both of us.

As a full time mother (and formerly full time employed outside the home also) I have eaten my fair share of easy to prepare and/or frozen entrées and this was by far the freshest tasting I’ve ever had.

If you’d like to try Wenchai Ferry entrées there is a $1.50 off coupon available at http://www.wanchaiferry.com/. For meal tips to enhance your Wanchai Ferry frozen entrée check out their website at: http://www.wanchaiferry.com/MealTips.aspx.

On to the fun stuff:

On lucky reader can win a Wanchai Ferry “Perfect Night In” prize pack that includes one VIP coupon valid for a free package of any of the Wanchai Ferry frozen entrees, in addition to a set of great Asian-inspired rice bowls, chopsticks, bamboo placemats, flavored fortune cookies, and a $25 Target gift card ! (DISCLAIMER: The big, rectangular plates in the picture are mine; as are the homemade cream cheese wontons on the left of the plate. These items are not part of the giveaway, although if you ask I will gladly share my wonton recipe).

To enter, leave a comment here. Contest open until Sunday, March 7 midnight PST. Winner will be selected by random drawing.


(blessing, good fortune, good luck)

The coupon, prize pack, information and additional prize pack to give away were all given to me from Wanchai Ferry through MyBlogSpark.