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I Am Actually Deep and Thoughtful

Sometimes I just can’t stop “being” even though I want to be creative and thought provoking and write, write, write. But “being” for me is impossible to ignore. I am what I am. And I am happiest being Mom/Grama.

So my thoughtful post for Friday is this….

Go see where I am hanging out

You should have all been hanging out there daily on your way home anyway. I just hate that I have to remind you over and over.

Tuesday Tidbits

More morsels:

(my Heads Or Tails is below)

This post is beautiful, well-written and touching (and I am not just saying that because she is my baby). Go share 😉

Are you remembering to visit My 365 Project? Pictures, pictures, pictures. Oh and stories too.

I won a contest, but to be honest, I thought Jack Klugman was dead.

My husband is now sleeping with his head under the covers because he is afraid of me.

I must post this picture. It is simply the most adorable thing. I bet I could ask you for a million dollars and after gazing into Butterball’s Big Eyes there is no way you could refuse me.

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Edited to add: Now that you can’t resist my whims and are under the influence of those big eyes I have a question to the techies out there. Run over to my 365 project and tell HOW on earth did that font change on almost the entire page???????? I have the free wordpress so I can’t change CSS. Any Ideas? Great big thanks to Smarmoofus who helped me fix it! I can’t leave a comment on your website Smar (it won’t let me), but I really appreciate your help.

Probably Late To The Party

Wow, I just found the most amazing blog. I was visiting my dear, dear friend Wacky Mommy, when I clicked on a comment by Planet Nomad. She had a post about a blogger who is 108 years old. Yes, you heard me correctly, 108 years old!!!!

I am just getting started reading Olive’s Blob (she calls it a blob) but I haven’t gotten far because I can’t stop myself from also reading the 100s of comments she receives. I adore hearing stories about times gone past, I always have even as a child. But this is some amazing stuff. The oldest person I have been able to grill incessantly is my grandmother and she is only 84.

Is there a point to this? Yes. I am afraid that so much of our past has been boiled down into little tidbits of information, that real history, the story of how people lived and survived and communed with one another, has been lost. So I wanted to share this little gem. I am going to read it all, beginning to end, and share whatever I glean with the world around me. Who knows maybe it will make a difference.

Also don’t forget to check my 365 Project daily.

I Am So On A Roll

Maybe just deciding I had PTSD has made me better able to cope. Or maybe the cool Live Windows Beta Blogging thing is just so much easier on my poor arthritic fingers. Either way I am catching up on my 365 Project. Two new posts, here and here. I also added an About My Header Picture Page.

Wow, I found something that made me happy!!

I found a way to put a word document into my wordpress with pictures and all, so now you don’t have to download some bigass file to enjoy the fun. So run over there and read and comment so I know you were there. (well the pictures come out much smaller this way, but there are so many of them it is probably just as well.)
PS: I also found a program that I can create a word document and upload it into my blog automatically. How cool is that. And don’t tell me you already knew about it. That would just be mean and insinuate I am slow.

Let The Fun Begin

I have posted the first two days of the Great Inferno 2007. No more depressing stuff just fun, adventure and lots of pictures. Kick off your shoes, recline in your chair and enjoy. Don’t forget to comment!

Day One

Day Two

Getting easier, but I am still not normal

New post up at my 365 Project

Steve Miller’s Hip Hop Blues Rap Band


A concert review in bullet points

  • The venue was pretty, but a little packed. As in sardine like. As in the middle aged, portly lady next to Macdougal was sitting on him for several minutes before she noticed his squirming and stood up saying “I am soo sorry. Was I sitting on you?”
  • I have never been to a concert where the crowd sang all the songs louder than the performers. It was fun and annoying at the same time. The annoying part was the fact that the young girls behind me had awful voices and when they didn’t know the words they had loud conversations about cell phones, boyfriends, etc. This same young lady kept dancing wildly and smacking Mr. Vixen in the head while repeating her chant of “Oops, I’m sorry.”
  • After a strong opening with Rock N’ Me, Take The Money and Swingtown, they departed from their music and covered a bunch of other peoples music. The did a very nice cover of Crossroads and then a bunch of stuff that sounded familiar, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on.
  • We used this time to go into the casino and get drinks because the two bars outside were packed.
  • They continued in mostly this vain of other musician’s music, with a smattering of their stuff mixed in: Serenade, Jungle Love and Dance, Dance, Dance.
  • He then told a story about an old sitar/guitar he bought in 1965 (which made me feel ancient) but segued into a lovely rendition of Wild Mountain Honey. Not one of their most famous songs, but my personal favorite. Back in the olden days, before internet, we had CB Handles (the equivalent of super-secret internet identities) and my first handle was Wild Mountain Honey.
  • Some more other peoples’ music and a fun rendition of The Joker. Except whenever he got to the line “midnight toker” he shook his hand in a vehement negative motion.
  • Then they launched into their signature tune, Fly Like An Eagle. Now maybe the dude is really sick of that song, but I have never seen a performer with less enthusiasm. It really seemed like he didn’t want to do that song. Then, to make matters worse, in the middle they decided to make it an extended version. Complete with the piano player RAPPING (?!) something about a green earth and saving the planet. I can’t be really sure what he was saying because everyone around me was laughing so hard. The extended version also included some kind of long solo thing, in which it seemed the geriatric dudes fell asleep and were playing elevator music. Now, my son Macdougal, says he can never hear this song again with laughing.
  • I honestly can’t remember what song they played last, I can’t even recall if it was one of theirs. The kids got up and bolted for the door, they had enough. I thought they might do an encore so I hung back and visited the bathroom. Sure enough they agreed to play another song. Steve asked for suggestions and the entire crowd bellowed Jet Airliner. He said “Jet Airliner?” and promptly countered with some country/cowboy song called I Just Left Texas. So we just left.
  • It was fun. We had a lot to laugh at…crowd included. And Macdougal kept up his new tradition of getting clocked in the head by a middle aged lady clapping too hard (just like when he attended the Eagles concert with me. At least it wasn’t me this time). He says he feels safer at a NiN concert. To which Mr. Vixen replied, “hey at least we don’t have mash potting at our concerts.” Which was an hysterical high point of the evening.
  • I think I would have really enjoyed the concert for say….$35 a ticket. But for $65 per ticket, I feel a little ripped off.

A picture is up at my 365 Project.

Hey I am cool

Go see my current 365 entry. There is one a day. Go now. You need the stimuli.

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