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In a cat’s eye, all things belong to cats

Luna has taken over. Including the poor dog’s bed. Chewy does not look pleased.

WW~My How The Furbabies Have Grown

There’s a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot

Luna’s second favorite pastime (her first being attacking my sewing, my scissors and trying to eat my pins) is stalking the fish in the tank. We had to move one of the dining chairs into the walk way for her to spend hours there. Apparently, my cat cannot be convinced that she can’t get through the glass. She just won’t give up.

I like to think that the moon is there even if I am not looking at it

On October 22, our family grew a bit. Formerly only dog people, turned on to kittens by the rescue of poor tortured and abandoned Chloe, we were once again adopted. When I arrived home from work, Mr. Vixen informed me a kitten had been hanging around the backyard fence all day, in spite of my dog’s aggressive dislike response to this behavior. I had just scooped up RolyPoly for our evening love fest when he called from the back to say that there were now two cats back there. I grabbed my camera and caught the, obvious, siblings. One was shy and jumped over the gate to get away, the other approached me (still despite the barking mini dogs at my feet) for some loving attention.IMG_2787

I breifly petted the wee fuzzies and went back into the house. I assumed they belonged to someone and were just curious. An hour or so later, as RolyPoly and I were playing on the couch at the front of the house; Mr. Vixen and I heard prolonged and loud meowing. I looked out the front window and there was the smaller of the kittens. She continued making the noise until Bear’s dog jumped into the window sill and started barking at her. Despite this uncalled for attack upon her majesty, she leapt straight up the side of the house and planted her claws into my window screen. She hung there hissing and spitting at Bella the dog, while Bella was stunned into doggy silence.

IMG_2800Curious myself about this behavior, I went out the front door. The kitten ran off quickly. I squatted down and held out my hand. She approached cautiously and after a moment decided I was safe. The purring began. She felt so very skinny, it had been a long, long time since she had eaten.

We put out a bowl of cat food for her and her sibling on the back fence where they had been hanging out earlier. The little one found her way from the front yard to the back and ate like she hadn’t eaten in years. We never saw the other kitten again. As the night grew cold and she showed no signs of leaving….well we are suckers for a cute face, what can I say.

After a few days, we let her inside and she parked herself next to me and laptop and she has not left since. When my kids were smaller, we had many many cats (don’t make me count, but it was more fingers than I have on BOTH hands), but I have never met a sweeter feline. She is so sweet, loves me the most and is a massive purring machine.

I introduce to you, the new animal love of my life: Luna.

And yes, she is just as fond of sewing as I am. For entirely different reasons though.


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