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Folding and unfolding, the universe is origami

“Origami is a metamorphic art form. You got that piece of paper. You don’t add to it – you don’t take away from it, you CHANGE it”- Micheal Lafosse

While I was on blog ‘hiatus’ our family grew. Her name is Origami.

I had last seen her in 2004 – I took her to the beach and she was just learning to walk. 1932249_10152259835199767_201427886_nNannygoat and Lloyd had brought her to California for a visit. They were living in Utah, working out the details to move out here to us. Nannygoat adored Origami and was quickly learning the ins and outs of motherhood, despite the fact that she was not Origami’s biological mother. Bio-mom had agreed to Lloyd having sole custody and actually hadn’t seen Origami in months, when on Mother’s Day of 2004 she asked Nannygoat if she could please have a little visit she would sign the custody papers and it would be finished. Nannygoat and Lloyd were young and trusting, they had no reason not to let bio-mom have a visit, despite the fact that she hadn’t seemed to care for months.

And then she was gone. Disappeared.

For 10 years we hunted, searched, and scoured the earth. But we could not locate our little lost Origami. All we could do was hope and pray that she was happy and healthy.  Unfortunately, that was not her truth.

By a stroke of luck (and public arrest records) in early 2014, we located bio-mom. The excitement for Nannygoat and Lloyd was almost unbearable. Eventually, they were able to find out where Origami was and following the proper channels/laws and began the process of bringing her home.

The little toddler was so grown! But she didn’t know we existed. Didn’t know that we had cared and searched and mourned her loss. She didn’t know she was going to live with a Dad she didn’t know was alive and three half-sisters she’d never dreamed11037222_10153262685489767_4164099669592052339_n of. Her life while away from us was what I consider quite harsh. We had no idea what she would be like, after living that way for 10 years. In fact, until the day Nannygoat and Lloyd showed up, she didn’t even know her real name.

Now, we know. She is unique, creative and beautiful. She is one of the best big sisters I have ever met. Her soul is pure, unadulterated love. She loves magic tricks and anything art. Her hugs make my world. Her laughter is a gift.

The quote says origami is a metamorphic art form that you don’t add to or take away from – you just change it. Our family was missing our paper folder, our Origami, and now that she is here we are changed into something even more wonderful.

Strawberries and Sweaters and Slugs, OH NO

First Strawberry

I promised some picture of my wonderfully, successful strawberry adventures in the SuperGarden. I took these on Thursday. My pride and excitement at not one, but TWO 020 nearly ripe berries made me giddy.

The next morning I went out to discover the reddest, ripest of strawberries had a chunk missing out of it!! I was devastated (do I take this garden stuff too seriously you think?). I thought perhaps it was a bug…I went out in search of organic bug spray yesterday and coated my poor babies.

Flash forward to this morning…the other nearly ripe strawberry had a CHUNK missing. My friend Google immediately located similar pictures online and the suspected culprits? SLUGS. Eww. Or snails. I have seen neither, but guess where I am going now? That is right, to buy some organic slug/snail stuff (that is so a technical term). I must save the 022strawberries!!!

I ‘ve been home from work the past two days, hanging out with my niece and sister-in-law. They came from AZ to stay with us so Nannygoat could work her photographic magic with a senior picture session. My niece is an identical twin to Bear. It is amazing how much cousins can look alike. Please go check out the beautiful pictures Nannygoat took HERE.

Now you are probably wondering about the sweater part of the title? Well, if I can’t kill the slugs I was thinking of crocheting them little sweaters for our cool, damp mornings….

Kidding. I am making a super cute little sweater for Big Blue! I am nearly half way through, you can click this link and see my progress (and the pattern picture). I am thinking it may be completed before Easter, so I will post the pretty girl in her new sweater soon!! Also if you are on Ravelry, look me up –  crochetvixen.

Up tomorrow on the blog: SuperGarden fencing and planting!! Easter crafting!! Anything else I think of!!

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Too Overwhelmed to Write

So a lot of things have changed around here since I have been regularly posting. So much, that I eventually gave up posting. I was/am overwhelmed. I want to share everything but there is so much I can’t get myself to do it. It seems impossible. So I will use bullets to share highlights of what I can remember. And then, if anyone still reads here, you can all PIPE UP in the comments and tell me which teaser you would like more information on first and that will be my next post! Sounds fun. (probably won’t work because no one reads anymore, but perhaps all this will be out-of-the-way and I will be free to begin blogging again? One can hope?)

  • RolyPoly is getting a baby sister! MacD and Funsize are having a scheduled c-section on Aug 30th. The baby needs a super-secret-internet name. You all should get on that right NOW.
  • Bear and Fishboy became engaged just before Christmas.
  • We got a second horse at Christmas. Miss Bonnie Blue (reg. Pushin Little Princess) is a curious, intelligent, trouble making sweetheart TN Walking Horse. She and Calypso adore each other. It was a gift from me to Mr. Vixen so we could start riding together.
  • Mr. Vixen got a new knee!
  • In February, at the beginning of my first ever trail ride a motorcycle came up on a side road and scared Calypso. He spun and took off, along with the two horses that were being ponied by my friends. I did not make the spin. I instead launched off, rolled down an embankment and landed under a pasture fence. I broke 7 bones throughout my body, needed surgical repair (pins) placed in my finger, bruised everything and also tore some menisc-ally stuff that still is going to need surgery to repair. Was not fun.
  • Because of that I haven’t ridden much and am just getting my confidence back.
  • Baby Banana (Nannygoat’s youngest) is going to turn one next month and she has THE MOST BEAUTIFUL EYES of any child on the planet. I have pictures to prove it. She also needs a better S-S-I name, which you all can pick too.
  • In May, Fishboy decided he did not want to be a part of the den anymore. At all. This caused significant heartache for Bear and for us to have to move on very short notice.
  • However, sometimes good things come out of bad experiences. In June, we relocated the Den to “Pterodactyl Ranch”. Our house is twice as big as before, has central air and (most importantly) is a horse property.
  • The horses now live in my back yard. This has reduced our TV time to zero and computer time to 1/16th of what it was before. We are real country-folk now. Living in the country is 100 times less stressful than I dreamed.
  • Being in the country and working on 2-acres of yard that had gone to waste is a good way to start losing weight. Mr. Vixen has lost 15 pounds already and I have lost 9. I am still more overweight than I have ever been in my entire life (even pregnant) and need to find ways to make that happen.
  • I made some super cute things for the new baby girl’s baby shower, very original, keepsake value and uber-inexpensive. I should put up how-to and pictures, right?

I know there are many, many more things I have left out. But if I don’t post this now….it will just sit here for another year and even more stuff will happen.

Know that I am still here and still reading all your blogs, even though I may not comment! Leave me a comment and help me change that!

First Love (aka 28 years on the 28th)

On April 28, 1984, after 23+ hours of labor and scary moments, you burst into my life filling it with joy and happiness. Nursing you the first time made me feel like I had found my purpose in life. Such a beautiful baby the world had not seen before.

As a you grew into a funny, goofy, sweet, tender toddler our days were filled with light and love as we learned the ins and outs of parenthood. You blessed our ‘first-hood’ with giggles and smiles. Your curiosity knew no bounds and it was fascinating to rediscover the world through your eyes.

You are our princess and our angel. Our first-born child, the greatest reflection of our love for each. Life with you surpassed even our wildest imaginings. Our hopes and dreams for you seem slight and short-sighted in view of the woman you have become.

Life hasn’t always been easy for the three of us, but your strength and love has helped us become a unit that thousands of people on this planet envy and wish they could achieve. A family of true love.

We thank God everyday for choosing us to be your parents. I can’t even find the words to describe how much we love you and how blessed we are to be sharing this journey with you, Nanny.

Even as I long for the days when you were my baby (I hear that never goes away, sigh), I can’t imagine a life without the beautiful, talented, wonderful adult you are now. Or a life without the girls, who couldn’t have been blessed with a better mother than you.

We love you, Nannygoat. Happy Birthday from Mom and Dad.


PS: Even when you thought I wanted to strangle you I stilled loved you more than life itself, LOL


Welcome, Baby Banana

Baby Banana

Born 9/20/11

8 lb 3 oz, 18 3/4L


Another beautiful granddaughter

A picture is a poem without words

My daughter takes fantastic pictures. Sometimes I can take a good one also. What I really love to see is photography become art. I would love to wallpaper my living room with photos (wouldn’t that be cool?) or take a few favorites and blow them up as posters. When I was approached about a review for custom canvas prints I was really excited.

And then the problem began. The choosing of the photo. I agonized for days. Then weeks. I was pretty sure the lady had given up on me ever making up my mind. I love canvas and I had it set in my mind that the photo should be one with depth and texture to really stand out on canvas. I made my husband go through hundreds of photos with me, trying to choose. In the end, I saw a photo taken by Nannygoat on her facebook. I knew immediately it was perfect. It had everything I was looking for! Depth, texture, light, dark and (of course) Ladybug!

I had her send over the higher quality file and headed to the website to order. The site is very user-friendly. Just upload your photo, choose your border options, add any image & color effects if you want and voila, you are done. My canvas was in my hands in just a few short days. I chose a deep 1.5″ wrap with a mirror image border. I couldn’t be happier with the results. The prices are reasonable, the turnaround is quick and I love my canvas.

The hunt has begun again for more ‘canvas perfect’ photos, as I am going to have several done in a larger size to decorate my living room. Probably one each of the grandkids. Of course, I am hoping they are not all grown by the time I choose! I created a mosaic of my canvas below, but to really see it in all it’s glory you should click here to see individual photos.

I would highly recommend Easy Canvas Prints for all you canvas photo wants and needs.

(edited to add: I just saw this promotion they are running, what a great deal! “Like on Facebook to receive the offer of 50% off all products and free shipping. The offer will be automatically applied to your cart when you are redirected to from Facebook. This promotional offer cannot be combined with any other discount offers.

I received a this free canvas print in return for reviewing their site. All opinions are mine.

Time Consumption

A closed mouth catches no flies

I do think it is possible that the world has gone overboard in the “politically correct” department. Sometimes people get really carried away, HOWEVER, I also strongly believe in people closing their mouths and THINKING before they release the stupid thoughts in their minds.

 As my mother always said, “If you don’t have nothin’ nice to say, don’t say nothin’ at all.” If more people would heed this sage advise the world (at least mine) would be a happier place. One in which I would never have to know these things were said…..

 A parent at Ladybug’s elementary school (during a planning meeting for the school Harvest Festival with all the room mothers) said to NannyGoat:

                “Who is your child’s teacher?  What grade?”
                “Mrs. X, K and 1st combined”
                “Combined? I’ve never heard of such a thing at this school.”
                “It’s the Special Day class.”
                ”Oh! So the ‘special’ kids are coming to this event? How great that they can join all the regular kids.”

Nanny was also at the planning of a school cultural event. Each group had a different country and they had to have several booths of different arts/crafts/food etc. set up for that country. Nan’s group got Japan. One of the parents began their meeting by smugly informing everyone that she had arranged for a local restaurant to supply chop sticks and a fortune cookie for every student. One of the other parents (of Asian descent) said to that parent: “That is wonderful that you already did that. I think the chopsticks will be great and we can use those. But the fortune cookies are actually a Chinese tradition, not Japanese.” To which Ms. Smug actually replied: “China. Japan. Whatever. They are both Asian, right?”

 And lastly, while Nanny is arranging the teacher requested Halloween party (she is the room mother poor thing), she sends an email to each parent informing them the cost for each student (food and supplies aren’t free, you know). She receives an email back from one of the parents that states: “We do not celebrate Halloween, we celebrate All Saint’s Day. Therefore, I will not be contributing to this event. However, I will allow my son to attend the party, so he doesn’t feel left out from the rest of the class.”

 WHAT? You are going to allow your child to go eat and party with the kids while everyone else pays???

 It’s Monday. Had to get this off my chest…

A child can ask questions that a wise man cannot answer

We haven’t had to deal with any death in the family with Ladybug and WhatAboutMe? (formerly known as Butterball) so we had never discussed the eventuality of attending a funeral with them.  Grandma Max’s death caught us unprepared and off-guard. In our shock and grief we just jumped into a car and headed to her town, wanting to be there for Pop. Looking back on it, I am sure there are tons of resources and books out there that could have helped and guided us with age appropriate ways to talk to a 5 and 3 year old about death and funerals. We had none of that and, in fact, the idea didn’t cross our minds until Tuesday as we approached the memorial chapel for the viewing. We quickly came to the decision that we would take turns inside the viewing room with family, while the girls stayed in the provided children’s play area–never to be any wiser as to the adult goings on.

Nanny had discussed with the girls that the next day we would be attending a ‘special event’. Not using the words funeral or death, she explained they would have to be on their best church behavior: quiet and still, knowing they were familiar with that and would understand. You can imagine my dismay when I arrived the next morning to realize it was going to be an open casket. We had ten minutes to spare, so I grabbed Nanny and asked her if we should prepare the girls in some way? Considering the room was only about 20’x30’, there was no way they wouldn’t notice a body in a casket in the room. She quickly came up with the idea of telling them that “like in the movie Snow White” there would be a lady sleeping in a casket at the front of the room, but they had to be on their best behavior and I told them if they had any questions to save them until after the service. It seemed as if it just might work, but I have learned over the years….never underestimate the brilliant mind of a child.

Scene: Inside a small memorial room with four rows of seats a beautiful woman of 92 dressed in a lovely pink gown, lies in repose in an ornate white casket, surrounded by a sea of fragrant flowers. A grandma, holding her 5-year-old granddaughter’s hand, makes her way to the back row followed by her husband and her eldest daughter who is holding on to her 3-year-old daughter. They take their seats and the 5-year-old begins craning her neck—trying to see past the other mourner’s heads to the front of the room and eventually scoots up into her grandmother’s lap to see better.

Ladybug: (whispering) Grandma? I still can’t see.
Grandma: (whispering) That’s okay, honey. You’re not missing anything. You’ll be able to see the pastor when she comes out to talk.
Ladybug: (whispering with a hint of pleading) But Grandma, I can’t see it.
Grandma: (whispering) Shhh, sweetie. Just hang in there, we’ll be done soon.

 There is quiet for a moment and then the child leans back towards grandmother’s ear:

Ladybug: (whispering) Grandma? Where are the dwarfs?
Grandma: (stunned) Huh??? Oh, ummm, well, they’re not here.
Ladybug: (normal voice) Oh. So it’s just Snow White in this show?

The grandma takes the little girls hand and quickly exits the room. On the way grabbing the mother & telling her they need another meeting out in the hall before the service starts.

 Later in the day, we were able to laugh about it, as did everyone who heard the story. At the time, I was too worried that she was going to grow up and tell everyone the story about the time “Grandma took me to see a Snow White show and all I got to see was a dead body.”

WW-Zoo Day

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