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Weekly Winners November 21-27

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Mathematics is like love; a simple idea, but it can get complicated (LEGOLand Part One)

As a child, besides being a voracious reader, I was also a natural math whiz (hey kid’s out there, trust me use it or lose it). I had taken all the classes available at my high school before the end of sophmore year. I didn’t need more but I wanted more so, I took a college course of Calculus while I was a junior in high school. For fun. Did you guess I might be a math nerd? It is quite possible that I calculate each event in a day with regards to statistical odds and possible results.

So when I heard we were invited to Legoland for a sneak peek of their new show LEGO® Clutch Powers 4-D, I was certainly excited for the girls. I knew they were going to love the show and the park. But I have to admit, I was more excited for myself. Legos (in my opinion and I am not asking yours) are all about math. Building well with them requires calculation and thought. And, for me, counting. Counting and calculating. I have now decided what I want to be when I grow up! I want be one of the people who put together Lego models! How do I get that job? Where do I sign up.

I am presenting our adventure to Legoland in two parts. Part One is for adult math geeks. I was pretty thrilled the entire day, but the ride where they show you the amazingly awesome models from places around the world and tell you how many and how long it took to create them? Well, there, I was in number heaven. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take pictures, take notes and interact with the girls at the same time. So I only cull a few of the facts to go with the sites. But I am sure you can imagine me sitting there for weeks on end building those suckers! It’s my new dream. Part Two will show all the fun your kids can have at the park too! ha ha ha.

Now for the facts: There are 35 million bricks total in the park and 15,000 models. The Elephant has 283200 and weighs more than 1,000 pounds! The Sydney Opera House has 160,080 bricks. The Eiffel Tower has 117360 bricks. Mt. Rushmore – Each head has about 20,640 bricks and weighs approximately 86 pounds. The Taj Mahal: 143520 bricks. (and a couple from me: Yes those are ALL LEGOS!!! Yes, there are two pics of the beautiful City by the Bay cuz I’m showin’ the hometown love!!! Lastly, don’t miss all the little details in the cities…the cars, trucks, all so tricked out! I am still excited!)

And the wolf behowls the moon

Then to divert your small mind from this predicament, I shall tell you an amusing anectdote. It concerns a distant cousin of mine who was so frightened during a flood that…

This weeks PhotoHunt is Bird(s)


IMG_0478There are a few things I really miss from my little cabin in the country. This guy hanging out in my tree off my porch is one of them.

“It is not how abundant nor how considerable our catch be, but rather to the sport and manner in which our quarry, the noble trout, is angled.”

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Monochrome Weekly

I have gone fishing early this morning and expect to be out most of the day enjoying the Fall weather. I hope to return with fresh trout and lots of pictures. For today enjoy my entry for Monochrome Weekly and let me know what you think!


WW~“Nodding the head does not row the boat”


You Capture – The Feeling of Fall

We don’t really get much of a change of seasons here in SoCal. We prbobaly have three seasons here: Summer, Drought and Fire. All of which are pretty warm and similar. Once in a great while, we have a moment or two of chill to the air, reminding me that Fall is here whether the weather agrees or not. Last night was one of those nights. I did, in fact, have to get up in the night and turn off the fan. (I know cold, huh?) But it felt like Fall and this leaf reminded me of the beginning of fall back in Utah (where the leaves really change color). On a weather related note it was 80 degrees in Utah day before yesterday and yesterday Mom woke to snow on the mountains. Here it was 57 degrees last night (YAY!), but today we have a high fire warning with Santa Ana winds, high heat and low humidity (BOO!). Mother Nature, she is a fickle lady.

Feeling of Fall


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