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Pretty Girl

SOOC Sunday

My straight out of the camera shot this week is WhatAboutMe? at the ranch this morning before her ride. I know as a grandparent I could be biased, but she is so adorable.

Elephants and grandchildren never forget

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I have two SOOC (straight out of the camera) shots for this week. The girls had their first ever horse riding turns last Sunday on Calypso. They both really, really loved it. Ladybug would have liked to “go faster”, but  What-about-me? was quite content to go “slowly”. Scroll down for unconscious mutterings.


Below, Ladybug is explaining to me the hard “leg tricks” she is performing. She had never been a horse before, yet had created her own ‘tricks’ and was performing them brilliantly.


Our prompts from LunaNina this week:

  1. Judge :: not, lest ye be judged
  2. Safe ::  zone
  3. Boulevard ::  tattoo
  4. 27 ::  Nannygoat?!
  5. Next ::  time I will be a little better
  6. Ma’am ::  Yes, Sir.
  7. Desktop ::  publishing
  8. Club :: what I will take to Mr. Vixen’s head if he ever accidentally shoots me in the leg with an air soft gun again.
  9. Violet ::  flower
  10. Enamel :: teapot

Weekends don’t count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless

More SOOC Sunday AND Scenic Sunday AND Unconscious Mutterings

This Straight Out Of the Camera shot is from our Valentine’s Day cruise. We were out in open water and it was quite windy, so the boat was ‘a rockin’ and all my pics of the dolphins are blurry and most of the sunset are crooked. But it was beautiful and I didn’t fall over! (UM below the pic)

  1. Maroon :: Five
  2. Save :: the whales so I can see some on my next whale watching cruise
  3. Smithereens :: smashed
  4. Conversation :: stimulating
  5. Visual :: (ly) pleasing
  6. Experience :: life
  7. Steady :: as she goes
  8. Wives :: funny, strong and brilliant
  9. Glass :: half full
  10. String :: quartet

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