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Going Old School On You, Bringing Out A T13

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  1. Two straight weeks of babysitting someone under one year of age and you would think there would be funny stories galore to post. All I got is tired.
  2. Still no word from SSDI regarding Mr. Vixen’s claim. Not a yes. Not a no. Silence. I find this annoying as hell.
  3. After trying several muscle relaxants, my neurosurgeon finally decided to try valium. I take one at night and it seems to be working! After 3 weeks, I have virtually no sciatic pain. What I do have is severely limited range of motion, a weight gain of 12 pounds, and some sharp shooting pains if I twist the wrong way or sit too long . Which leads to me numero 4.
  4. I believe my muscles, tendons, and nerves have some serious work to do. They have had to remain dormant (or unusable) for months now. I know I probably need physical therapy, so I can get better safely and hopefully get back to work, but with a monthly share of the first $1,000 each month that is not going to happen.
  5. I did a small yoga workout this morning. It is still too soon to tell if it helped or hurt, but I need to try something. I tried yoga because I had found before the surgery that much of the yoga workout was very similar to the physical therapy I had after I was rear-ended by that bus two years ago. I just know that I need to lose some of this weight to take the pressure off my back and I need to be able to move around some. Oh, and I need to sit a desk for more than a few minutes at a time. It’s part of my job.
  6. My old boss sent me an email the other day saying there will be a bit of independent contracting work coming up. He also said “there is talk” about our customer’s former competitor going back into production, which in turn made our customer think about doing the same. So (although I hold out very little hope at this point) there is a small chance that in 2010 my company may start up business again in some limited capacity.
  7. I had forgotten how hard it is to come up with 13 random things until just now. And I am only half way there.
  8. Today is the last day for you to suggest a movie to me on this post and in return win yourself four free movie tickets. Go enter. (Note, I had to move the post to a different page to comply with BlogHer rules, so it may look like you have no competition, but the comments on the original post are still being counted. As of 8am this morning its you against 17, not bad odds if you ask me). Winner to be announced tomorrow.
  9. If you have unused pumpkins (or find them on sale cheap at the store since Halloween is over) go make them into pie mix! It’s easy. If you already have done it (Mar???), let me know how it went.
  10. The pinecones are smelling pretty terrific as near as I can tell through the bag. This weekend (when I am not on babysitting duty) I am going to get out the Thanksgiving decorations, which include a basket to hold the pinecones, so I am excited to see how it makes the entire house smell. Also that article was featured over at The Homemaking Cottage. My first byline, very cool. Also they have a ton of great ideas (besides mine) that you will enjoy.
  11. There are still new frocks going up at ApronFrenzy. They make great hostess gifts and holiday presents. And you help preserve the economy. I know most of you have already supported me/own one, I am just hoping you could tell a friend (or thirty) about it.
  12. I am discovering all kinds of new ways to use GIMP to create banners and buttons. A lot of fun. Working on a new banner for here this weekend and maybe a new layout. DO ANY OF YOU know of a a free wordpress theme with that is three column, but one of the columns is at the bottom? I have found a few that people charge for, but there has to be a free one somewhere. And you might know where it is. Please share.
  13. I feel like I am forgetting things I wanted to share or update you on. So I open up the comments to questions today. Wondering something about me? Did I confuse you in some post? You want to know it? Go ahead and ask it. Answers will be posted with the movie ticket winner tomorrow!

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My Grasp May Exceed My Reach


It has been such a long time since I did a Thursday Thirteen that the dern TT website went out of business while I wasn’t looking. Luckily, last week I found a place where people are holding forth TTs for all until such time the old site returns (we hope). For more participants this week just head to

And for some lovely headers go see Jenn‘s posting here

Now for my 13…..tomorrow is my last day at work. I have applied for jobs too numerous to count and not received a single call back yet. Come Monday, I do believe I will have a bit of free time, so here is my list

13 Things Vixen will do with all that free time

  1. File for unemployment
  2. Finish painting the shed Mr. Vixen just built
  3. Start a garden. I have decided to try my hand at Square Foot Gardening. I don’t exactly have a green thumb, but what I lack in talent I will more than make up for with enthusiasm.
  4. Make a (little) difference in the world. I am going to plant my new garden with heirloom seeds. Growing everything from seed is a little more difficult, but after spending four hours researching all the different types of heirloom seeds I become passionate about sharing some of that heritage. To find out a little about why heritage seeds Granny’s site explains it here.
  5. Finish beta reading for a dear friend and give her some feedback (I am almost done, X).
  6. Build shelves in and carpet our off-the-garage storage area to create an area for Fishboy to breed clown fish. They are so cute!
  7. Set up my new sewing area, finally, and make some aprons.
  8. Begin (again) the Couch to 5k program and finish it this time.
  9. Learn yoga on the Wii Fit.
  10. Take a photography class.
  11. Look into the possibility of finishing college?!?!?!
  12. I am considering posting a picture a day for 2009 (or less). Ideas on how to go about it are here and they all sound good, so I haven’t picked one yet.
  13. Find a new job.

Think Pink

Whenever I would hear that slogan, Think Pink, I was reminded of one of childhood idols: the Pink Panther. No cat was as sly or groovy as that cat. I am sure that is not what they were hoping for when the initiated the campaign, but I can’t stop myself. As cool as that cat was, this isn’t a post about him (although I couldn’t stop myself from sharing). As many of you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. At this point in my post I could hook you up with some awesome statistics or link you up to some informative and well done site, nothing wrong with that. Instead, I thought I would introduce you to another of my childhood idols: Great. Coming up with her super secret internet name was easy. She is and always has been Great, and that is what we all call her. She is one of the strongest, bravest, caring, faith-filled and most loving women on the face of the planet. She is a real fighter, my hero, my idol, and my everything. Mother of five, grandmother of six, great grandmother of eight, and great-great grandma to three. She is my grandmother and she is a survivor of breast cancer.

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Thursday Thirteen #34 ~ The Apron Edition

Woo hoo, it has been a long, long time since I did a TT! I may have even forgotten how!

Presenting 13 reasons to buy wear an apron from my store: Apron Frenzy:

  1. Aprons keep your clothing free from dirt, stains and odors. It reduces wear and tear on your regular clothes!
  2. You can use apron pockets to store or carry utensils or even treats for the little ones!
  3. Aprons can serve as a handy towel to dry freshly scrubbed hands!
  4. Aprons energize the atmosphere of your kitchen. Everyone can feel Martha Stewart-esque in a fun and functional apron!
  5. Consider it kitchen art! You decorate your kitchen walls, why not the cook?
  6. Wear an apron because your mom or grandma did! The memories, the love! Consider it retro chic!
  7. Aprons help to maintain hygienic and healthy conditions.
  8. You will need one for National Wear Your Apron Day, which in the U.S. is the first Monday after Mother’s Day (bet you didn’t know that, eh?).
  9. Aprons can be living/moving holiday decorations! Want a table runner to match your Thanksgiving/Fall apron, your Christmas apron? Just let me know and I can do it!
  10. When you reach down and grab the hem of your apron you have an instant catch-all! Carry peas or tomatoes in from the garden, scoop up all the playdough from the table, take all the corn husks to the garbage. It’s limitless!
  11. Buying handmade makes better gift giving, is better for people and better for the environment! Why don’t you take the Buy Handmade pledge this year?
  12. I Took The Handmade Pledge!

  13. They make excellent hostess and holiday gifts! The are unique, personal and handmade! Know someone who likes a particular them or item? Let me know and I will see what I can find! Yes, I do custom orders when possible! (like say scooters? or red, white and blue? or snowman/snowflakes? – yes, those are some I am already doing!)
  14. If you think about it aprons are fun and functional. And they are pretty darned cute too! Head on over to Apron Frenzy to see what I mean (yes, there is a new one up. the pictures sucks, but my partner will fix that tonight I hope).

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Thursday Thirteen #33

Thirteen RANDOM Things about This Week

  1. I got lovely flowers for Mother’s Day, a fabulous OTT lite for crafting, and I went fishing but caught no fish.
  2. Fishboy went fishing Monday to the same place and caught three of the most humongous trout I have ever seen. They were very tasty too.
  3. My Dad is having heart bypass surgery today. Five bypasses, like he is trying to set a record or something.
  4. Hubs went for his second post-op Monday and they said his patella is “floating”. The thought of that kind of wigged me out. It means he will need a lot more PT. Unable to stand for more than 15 minutes since December 2006, on state disability for one year, now surgery and yet the SSDI deems him not disabled and says he can work, standing for 6 hours at a time. Asswipes.
  5. I sent a request for my medical bills in relation to the bus accident to my clinic nearly two months ago. They said it would take two weeks. I called today and she claims she never received my request. Then she decided I could fax it this time (she required mail before). But she still says it will take two weeks because subpoenas get priority. I only have until June 17th to file a claim. Crap
  6. I cannot believe Amanda didn’t win on Survivor. Who liked Parv???? No one.
  7. I loved this week’s House and next week’s season finale looks really good.
  8. I woke up Monday morning and was telling Mr. Vixen about how I slept really poorly because I kept waking up all hot and sweaty. I was ranting on about how I am too young for menopause, yada, yada when he looked up and me and said “Looks like you got a sunburn while we were fishing yesterday.” Shows you how often I look at myself in the mirror.
  9. I need and want a vacation. I still have a negative PTO balance of nearly 50 hours (I owe my work 50 hours!) yet I haven’t taken off work for fun (only hospitals, doctors and pain, oh my) since my last vacation, 2 days in 2006.
  10. If my stimulus check doesn’t come this Friday, I am going to have to do something extreme and awful. Like complain.
  11. If my stimulus check does come this Friday, I am going to have to make a dentist appointment for that tooth I broke 100 years ago. It hurts now. A lot.
  12. Reading the last 11 items makes it sound like I live a pathetically boring life. I do.
  13. I want a different job. I am tired of what I am doing. I think professional student would work best for me. Anyone want to sponsor me?

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Thursday Thirteen #32

TT Pets

Thirteen Pets I Have Loved

  1. Ladybird – I am loathe to admit that I don’t remember her real “official” name. She was a purebred Irish Setter and my first real pet. I did have a pet dog named Tippy as a child, but he was make-believe so it doesn’t really count. Anyway, Lady got the name Ladybird because not only was she crazy but she jumped off the second story porch at my grandparents cabin. And flew. Then landed, yipped and ran back up the stairs.
  2. Marshmallow – My dog at my dad’s house. A truly beautiful English Setter who had a brain no bigger than the head of a pin. He ate my 16th birthday cake. He had allergies and had to get shots weekly. He hated everyone except my Dad.
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Thursday Thirteen #31


Thirteen Random Thoughts I Have Had Today:

  1. Crap, woke up late. Second day in a row.
  2. I can’t believe she beat me to the shower again!
  3. Oh Mr. Vixen, how could you not make sure the door wasn’t locked when we came out with the dogs? **knock, knock…Bear?**
  4. Money can’t buy happiness, but it certainly could buy me a house.
  5. Miracles do happen.
  6. Happy Birthday Ladybug.
  7. I would love a job as a party planner.
  8. Lord, these shoes are so squeaky. But they are so comfortable.
  9. Can I a make a Sponge Bob cake?
  10. What on earth will I feed everyone for dinner tonight?
  11. If something rings up with tax to $5.59, but you say $6.00 and hit the button to erase the screen really quickly and then give me $14.00 change…did you really think I wouldn’t ask for a receipt?
  12. If you steal 41 cents from each customer, how much would you make in a day? Loser.
  13. Could I possibly lure Mrs. Eaves out here for Monday?

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A Thursday 13??? No way. #30

Allo, allo? Remember me? I can’t even count high enough to number how many weeks it has been since I produced a TT. Mr. Linky probably won’t remember me…

So….. 13 TV shows I loved was addicted to growing up (no particular order, just as they came to me):
  1. M*A*S*H – I have seen every single episode at least 20 times. Radar rocks! I still have nightmares about the episode of Hawkeye on the bus with the chicken/baby.
  2. Falcon Crest – This show was so addictive that my husband and I would actually go over to my Mom’s house for a weekly visit to watch with them! I loved to hate Angela Channing. And Lorenzo Lamas….just umm, eye candy.
  3. The Brady Bunch -As a kid, we were only allowed to watch a few hours of tv weekly. Friday nights was kid‘s tv night…We watched the wonderful Brady’s (I adored Alice) and….
  4. The Partridge Family – Right after Brady Bunch. I so wanted to be Susan Dey, until I realized that I couldn’t date David Cassidy if I did. Travelin’ along, there’s a song that we’re singin’. Come on, get happy! A whole lotta lovin’ is what we’ll be bringin’. We’ll make you happy!
  5. Emergency – The beginnings of a life long fascination with all things medical. Probably why I was pre-Med in college. Definitely why I am still addicted to all shows medical.
  6. Mission Impossible – Really a mind bender. Things you would never think of. Probably what led to my later adoration of MacGuyver. Your mission, should you choose to accept it…this tape will self-destruct in 10 seconds.
  7. Knot’s Landing – Were you alive 1978-1991? Then you know of Dallas. I am one of a very few who didn’t care for it much (something about Victoria Principal rubbed me wrong), but it was hard to ignore when there was only one tv in the house and my mom was in charge of the channels. However, I was entranced with this branch of the Ewings, especially Valene. No one could say more with a single look than Valene.
  8. Days Of Our Lives – I was raised on this show. My grandmother watched, my mom, and my aunts too. It is so successful because it grows and changes with each generation. The Brady’s fit my family. My Grama is their Grama. I lived vicariously through Hope and Mr. Vixen was my knight…like Hope’s Bo. When I was in college I arranged my class schedule such that I could go to the Newman Center to watch between class. Me and 20 other students.
  9. The Flying Nun – The beginnings of another odd fascination of mine…Sally Field. It was a quirky, independent girl (I also liked Marlo Thomas in That Girl) but included my religion. I also thought that Sally was simply fabulous in Smoky And The Bandit).
  10. Lost In Space – My dad instilled in me a deep and abiding love and fascination with anything and everything Sci-Fi. This show prickled all my loves with a family theme and a space theme. Danger Will Robinson.
  11. Saturday Night Live – One of the truly greatest, ground breaking shows ever. First time my parents ever let me stay up that late. And once they did…it was all over. The Land Shark bit? Tickled me and my step-sister to no end, and Mr. Bill? Gilda Radner? Jane Curtin? My sister still (with much affection) says to me “You stupid b*tich”, to which I reply “You ignorant sl*t”. For us it is like saying I love you forever!
  12. BJ And The Bear – What is there not to love about a trucker who travels around with a pet monkey? And what kid, ever, didn’t want to own a pet monkey?
  13. Gilligan’s Island -Probably the most addictive tv show ever conceived. I was particularly intrigued by the Professor. Although I kept thinking I should want to be Maryann. But you can’t erase the inborn scientist in my soul. Try as society might, it just never worked. Have I ever told you all about the time I went to the place where they filmed the show? No? Amazing. I drove Bear and Mr. Vixen absolutely insane with it. I will have to write a post….You have to have very special connections to go there these days. It is now a research facility for the Federal government.They train dolphins who find nuclear bombs…and there was a baby when we were there. Very hush, hush though. I had to use the super zoom for that. And even then they threatened to take my camera.

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Thursday Thirteen #29


  1. According to Brain Candy Holidays, 15% of U.S. women send themselves flowers on Valentine’s Day.
  2. In the United States, 64 percent of men do not make plans in advance for a romantic Valentine’s Day with their sweethearts.
  3. Chocolate manufacturers currently use 40 percent of the world’s almonds and 20 percent of the world’s peanuts
  4. Approximately 110 million roses, the majority red, will be sold and delivered within a three-day time period.
  5. About 3% of pet owners will give Valentine’s Day gifts to their pets.
  6. About 1 billion Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged each year. That’s the largest seasonal card-sending occasion of the year, next to Christmas.
  7. Everything Valentine’s Day reports that The Duke of Orleans sent the oldest known Valentine in 1415 A.D. to his French wifen> while he was imprisoned in the Tower of London. It is still on display in a museum in England but another claim says the tradition goes back to a Christian martyr, St. Valentine, executed in Rome by Claudious II around 470 A.D. However, according to Wikipedia, the first recorded association of Valentine’s Day with romantic love is in a poem by Geoffrey Chaucer written in 1382.
  8. The Italian city of Verona, where Shakespeare’s lovers Romeo and Juliet lived, receives about 1,000 letters addressed to Juliet every Valentine’s Day.
  9. Teachers will receive the most Valentine’s Day cards, followed by children, mothers, wives, and then, sweethearts.
  10. Chicago’s post office rejected more than 25,000 cards on the grounds that they were so indecent; they were not fit to be carried through the U.S.. mail. This was during the late 1800s, an era when racy valentine’s cards were very popular.
  11. According to the condom company Durex, condom sales are highest around Valentine’s Day which are 20 percent to 30 percent higher than usual.
  12. Hallmark employs an 80-person research staff to analyze the sales pattern of previous Valentine’s Day.
  13. In the Middle Ages, young men and women drew names from a bowl to see who their valentines would be. They would wear these names on their sleeves for one week. To wear your heart on your sleeve now means that it is easy for other people to know how you are feeling.

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Thursday Thirteen #???

Shhh, I am not here. I am at work. I just wanted you to know that I don’t have a TT this week, how sad is that? Well, not that sad. I don’t have a TT post this week because:

  1. My sciatica is bad this week and I can’t get comfortable.
  2. I have to take off work twice a week for physical therapy (see above), so I am really busy all the time making up the time.
  3. I have been working on Butterball’s pajama’s.
  4. I made a hat. And someone liked it so I made her one, in pink.
  5. American Idol was on twice (I never watch the show, but I always watch the auditions).
  6. Survivor starts tonight. February 7th. Apparently, I don’t even know what week it is. There is absolutely nothing new on TV tonight (damn strike), so I will be watching 3:10 To Yuma (or as I have been calling it: 4:20 To Somewhere Arizona because I can’t remember what it is called).
  7. I cooked this Peach Cobbler Dump Cake last night and it was so good I could not move afterwards, let alone think.
  8. I downloaded GIMP and tweaking photos is consuming me.
  9. I have to take Ladybug to her first speech therapy appointment this afternoon.
  10. I am volunteering tomorrow at 6:30am, which is hard evidence that I am not in my right mind.
  11. I still need to finish/post the results to last weeks TITT.
  12. It’s cold and rainy.
  13. I am hungry.

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