Another week past
Frivolity and Haiku
I can do it all
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My new friend Vlad the Candy Corn dude arrived from Mrs. B. I won Vlad in one of Mrs B’s many contests during her 31 Days of Halloween. There are still plenty of contests left and much fun to be had, so be sure and head over and join the festivities. I decided to take Vlad along with me this week for some photo ops during my boring exciting life. He is easy to port about He is one of the wonderful goodies over at Knits and Notions! An adorable little candy corn, isn’t he?

On Saturday, I finished up another apron. This was a custom order for Susan at PotandKettle. It is one of my favorites I have made so far.
If you like it and want one, shoot me an email and I can get it done and out for you in a jiffy! Speaking of aprons (like I can stop speaking of them). You should all head on over to ApronFrenzy and order your Halloween apron. There is plenty of time to have it delivered before the big day AND they are on SALE! Go ahead, I will wait.

Monday was Vlad’s first day at work with me. The computer was running a bit slow and we both got very frustrated. There is nothing worse than that stupid little floating hourglass thingy! Tuesday was much the same of boring and exhausting work, so we’ll just move on ahead to Wednesday.

Some time ago, I was invited to host a Saturn House Party celebrating the premiere of Real SimpleĀ® and TLC’s new series, “REAL SIMPLE. REAL LIFE.” The show looks really good and premieres tonight. The party is co-sponsered by Saturn and (drum roll please) I was given a chance to drive the Saturn of my choice this week. Early Wednesday morning, Vlad and I headed over to the dealership and we chose a Hybrid Vue. Let me tell you, we love this little lady. She is beautiful, fuel efficient, comfortable, peppy and just a joy to drive. Although I can’t afford to buy a new car right now (or probably ever…I did that once back in 1995 and it didn’t work out that well for me), it is still a great way for Saturn to advertise. In fact, it worked so well that within my first 10 miles of driving it I was approached by a lady in the library parking lot asking how I liked it and I was able to send her over to the local Saturn dealership for a 24-hour test drive. Did you know that Saturn did 24-hour test drives? Me neither, until I picked mine up and they told me. No one is paying me to advertise and I didn’t have to blog about it, I just enjoyed it so much I wanted to share. Here is Vlad kicking back with his new water bottle, enjoying the sites on our first day driving the Lady Vue.

Wednesday evening, with a somber heart and loving prayers at 7pm Mr. Vixen and I lit a candle in remembrance of Collin and all infants and pregnancies lost. I tried hard to get some pictures of our special blue candle, but it was nearly impossible. My lack of talent at taking pictures in low light is tremendous and paired with my crappy vision, it’s nearly impossible. So I had to ask Vlad (being bright enough for me to see through the tiny viewfinder) to stand next to the candle so I could get at least one of the 67 pictures taken to not be blurry.

Thursday morning, while Vlad and Vixen were working hard at earning their dollar for the day, the Lady Vue was car-jacked by one bossy, convincing teenager by the name of Bear. In return she left Vlad and I with her convertible. Vlad was of the mind that we could make the most of this opportunity and enjoy some sun.Those hopes were quickly squelched. As Bear sped off to regale her school mates with Lady Vue, Vixen accidently set off the car alarm and quickly realized she had no idea how to turn it off. Twenty loud, frustrating minutes later she figured it out. But then, she discovered she had no idea how to put the convertible roof down. Thwarted again. Needless to say, Vixen and Vlad quickly reclaimed Lady Vue as soon as was physically possible. (also note that Vixen’s dishes are on the floor of Bear’s car, not in the house where they belong)

Last evening, we finally heard from the loan company and the city regarding our down payment program. It was all approved. I haven’t talked much about the house, to be perfectly honest, because I was truly afraid that like everything else in my life recently it was going to go badly. But with 5 days to spare (escrow is scheduled to close Wednesday the 22nd at 5pm), it appears all systems are go. The ‘waiting for the other shoe to drop’ mentality however, means that I have only three boxes packed… about waiting till the last minute? That’s me. Vlad, myself and Mr. Vixen celebrated the evening with a $5 pizza. Because we are big spenders like that. And a dollar of it was in quarters.

This morning Vlad has been manning the phones while I created this short little masterpiece of a blog entry. This evening, Bear and Fishboy are attending a concert down south. I can’t tell you the exact name of the band, only that one of the members is “the cutest guy on the face of the planet.” This, of course, according to Bear not Fishboy. That leaves Vlad and I free to sneak out of work early finish our duties, grab Mr. Vixen and take the Lady Vue (and the free gas they filled it up with) for a drive up into the mountains in quest of colored leaves. I have my doubts about our abilities to locate any, but I am up for the challange. Lady Vue doesn’t have to go back to her rightful owners until tomorrow afternoon, so I am thinking we can fit in a morning trip to the beach also! Hopefully, I can post the pictures as we go along, rather than saving them all week like this time!

Deep Peace of the running wave to you.
Deep Peace of the flowing air to you.
Deep Peace of the quiet earth to you.
Deep Peace of the shining stars to you.