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Better than Mother’s Day? Grandchildren on Mother’s Day.

And a new snuggie. Which draws in the youngens like moths to a flame…

WW~Marching On Saturday & Would Love Your Support

A bad day of fishing is better than a good day of work

Pardon Me Sir, Have You Any Carrots?

WW~My Garden Is So Confused. Is It Spring?

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WW~Sorry For The Blurry…

But it was so exciting AND the boat was rocking AND the dolphins were jumping next to the boat AND the auto-focus couldn’t auto-focus AND the light was very low!!!! But trust me when I say there were swimming around out boat and it was AWESOME. Valentine’s Day sunset cruise with the wonderful Mr. Vixen.

WW~My How The Furbabies Have Grown

WW ~ Stuck On You


Sparkles and Presto. You know? I think he likes his boy

WW~Give A Husband Your Camera…Be Amazed

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