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One Week Vacation Wrap Up

I guess in some ways, I wish I had more things to show for my first week long vacation in forever, but my plan was to do nothing but relax and enjoy myself and that is exactly what I did! Besides cooking a 22lb turkey and all the fixings, moving Calypso to a new barn, reading the first book of Hunger Games in one sitting, barn work on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and watching a ton of TV. See not much for a week, right?

I took my camera to the new place tonight and I will share pictures and explain why I moved in another post. For now, I wanted to share this awesome and inexpensive table décor I made.

The large glass vases I got from Walmart for only $2 and change, the inner votives (in glass) were 12 for $4 at Big Lots. The best are the acorns. Roly Poly and I collected those at the new barn. The property has tons of oak trees and the acorns were ours for the collecting. He and I had such a blast. I wish I’d had my camera with me to show you his adorably proud face every time he found one and brought it over to me.

I think they came out awesome. But after we lit them on Thanksgiving I was even more impressed, the light flickers and filters through the acorns and they are simply stunning.

I hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving. I don’t want to go to work tomorrow. Sad me, right?

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Cute In The Kitchen (or craft room or play room)

I am still here (and still unemployed)! But that doesn’t mean I have been sitting around feeling sorry for myself…oh, no. I have been burning up the thread on my sewing machine. See, I have tons of material that I didn’t get to finish over the holidays, but I couldn’t see selling very many Halloween, Fall and Christmas aprons. Don’t get me wrong, as long as I have free time (unemployment) I will finish those up too, but for now I dug into my fabric stash and came up with some adorable new kid’s aprons! Also, back in the Fall a little birdie told me that if I found some pink scooter fabric someone who has a thing for pink scooters might buy an apron. Well, I stumbled upon some fabric that is imported from Japan, but never had the chance to whip it up. Well, I have now! I hope pink scooter fanatics everywhere love it!

So head on over to my etsy shop and check out the fruits of my nubby fingers! Tell your friends too! You don’t have to be a blogger to appreciate a fine apron. Buy homemade!

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