Tonight is the two hour season finale for LOST. After this my tv viewing addiction goes into hibernation until next fall. I have decided to take a stand next fall and not get into any new shows. That way if you have a favorite it will not be canceled. Because I am a curse like that: If I like a new show and watch it~It will be canceled.

While it is true that I like the stories on LOST and I enjoy watching it because it keeps me guessing; I will admit, also, that Josh Holloway is fantastic to look at. If you agree, head on over to Margie & Edna’s Basement and watch this video. Makes me want some ice cream. Actually head on over there anyway, because those ladies are highly entertaining!

PS: Not so confidential to my children who read my blog: As you just read, tonight is the season finale on LOST. I think you all know what that means. So, if my phone rings during that time period I will automatically assume that either yourself, your spouse, or one of your children are in grave peril and I will react accordingly. M’kay? Oh, and no reason to tell your Dad what I said about Sawyer, got it?