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Going Old School On You, Bringing Out A T13

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  1. Two straight weeks of babysitting someone under one year of age and you would think there would be funny stories galore to post. All I got is tired.
  2. Still no word from SSDI regarding Mr. Vixen’s claim. Not a yes. Not a no. Silence. I find this annoying as hell.
  3. After trying several muscle relaxants, my neurosurgeon finally decided to try valium. I take one at night and it seems to be working! After 3 weeks, I have virtually no sciatic pain. What I do have is severely limited range of motion, a weight gain of 12 pounds, and some sharp shooting pains if I twist the wrong way or sit too long . Which leads to me numero 4.
  4. I believe my muscles, tendons, and nerves have some serious work to do. They have had to remain dormant (or unusable) for months now. I know I probably need physical therapy, so I can get better safely and hopefully get back to work, but with a monthly share of the first $1,000 each month that is not going to happen.
  5. I did a small yoga workout this morning. It is still too soon to tell if it helped or hurt, but I need to try something. I tried yoga because I had found before the surgery that much of the yoga workout was very similar to the physical therapy I had after I was rear-ended by that bus two years ago. I just know that I need to lose some of this weight to take the pressure off my back and I need to be able to move around some. Oh, and I need to sit a desk for more than a few minutes at a time. It’s part of my job.
  6. My old boss sent me an email the other day saying there will be a bit of independent contracting work coming up. He also said “there is talk” about our customer’s former competitor going back into production, which in turn made our customer think about doing the same. So (although I hold out very little hope at this point) there is a small chance that in 2010 my company may start up business again in some limited capacity.
  7. I had forgotten how hard it is to come up with 13 random things until just now. And I am only half way there.
  8. Today is the last day for you to suggest a movie to me on this post and in return win yourself four free movie tickets. Go enter. (Note, I had to move the post to a different page to comply with BlogHer rules, so it may look like you have no competition, but the comments on the original post are still being counted. As of 8am this morning its you against 17, not bad odds if you ask me). Winner to be announced tomorrow.
  9. If you have unused pumpkins (or find them on sale cheap at the store since Halloween is over) go make them into pie mix! It’s easy. If you already have done it (Mar???), let me know how it went.
  10. The pinecones are smelling pretty terrific as near as I can tell through the bag. This weekend (when I am not on babysitting duty) I am going to get out the Thanksgiving decorations, which include a basket to hold the pinecones, so I am excited to see how it makes the entire house smell. Also that article was featured over at The Homemaking Cottage. My first byline, very cool. Also they have a ton of great ideas (besides mine) that you will enjoy.
  11. There are still new frocks going up at ApronFrenzy. They make great hostess gifts and holiday presents. And you help preserve the economy. I know most of you have already supported me/own one, I am just hoping you could tell a friend (or thirty) about it.
  12. I am discovering all kinds of new ways to use GIMP to create banners and buttons. A lot of fun. Working on a new banner for here this weekend and maybe a new layout. DO ANY OF YOU know of a a free wordpress theme with that is three column, but one of the columns is at the bottom? I have found a few that people charge for, but there has to be a free one somewhere. And you might know where it is. Please share.
  13. I feel like I am forgetting things I wanted to share or update you on. So I open up the comments to questions today. Wondering something about me? Did I confuse you in some post? You want to know it? Go ahead and ask it. Answers will be posted with the movie ticket winner tomorrow!

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Thursday Thirteen #33

Thirteen RANDOM Things about This Week

  1. I got lovely flowers for Mother’s Day, a fabulous OTT lite for crafting, and I went fishing but caught no fish.
  2. Fishboy went fishing Monday to the same place and caught three of the most humongous trout I have ever seen. They were very tasty too.
  3. My Dad is having heart bypass surgery today. Five bypasses, like he is trying to set a record or something.
  4. Hubs went for his second post-op Monday and they said his patella is “floating”. The thought of that kind of wigged me out. It means he will need a lot more PT. Unable to stand for more than 15 minutes since December 2006, on state disability for one year, now surgery and yet the SSDI deems him not disabled and says he can work, standing for 6 hours at a time. Asswipes.
  5. I sent a request for my medical bills in relation to the bus accident to my clinic nearly two months ago. They said it would take two weeks. I called today and she claims she never received my request. Then she decided I could fax it this time (she required mail before). But she still says it will take two weeks because subpoenas get priority. I only have until June 17th to file a claim. Crap
  6. I cannot believe Amanda didn’t win on Survivor. Who liked Parv???? No one.
  7. I loved this week’s House and next week’s season finale looks really good.
  8. I woke up Monday morning and was telling Mr. Vixen about how I slept really poorly because I kept waking up all hot and sweaty. I was ranting on about how I am too young for menopause, yada, yada when he looked up and me and said “Looks like you got a sunburn while we were fishing yesterday.” Shows you how often I look at myself in the mirror.
  9. I need and want a vacation. I still have a negative PTO balance of nearly 50 hours (I owe my work 50 hours!) yet I haven’t taken off work for fun (only hospitals, doctors and pain, oh my) since my last vacation, 2 days in 2006.
  10. If my stimulus check doesn’t come this Friday, I am going to have to do something extreme and awful. Like complain.
  11. If my stimulus check does come this Friday, I am going to have to make a dentist appointment for that tooth I broke 100 years ago. It hurts now. A lot.
  12. Reading the last 11 items makes it sound like I live a pathetically boring life. I do.
  13. I want a different job. I am tired of what I am doing. I think professional student would work best for me. Anyone want to sponsor me?

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Thursday Thirteen #32

TT Pets

Thirteen Pets I Have Loved

  1. Ladybird – I am loathe to admit that I don’t remember her real “official” name. She was a purebred Irish Setter and my first real pet. I did have a pet dog named Tippy as a child, but he was make-believe so it doesn’t really count. Anyway, Lady got the name Ladybird because not only was she crazy but she jumped off the second story porch at my grandparents cabin. And flew. Then landed, yipped and ran back up the stairs.
  2. Marshmallow – My dog at my dad’s house. A truly beautiful English Setter who had a brain no bigger than the head of a pin. He ate my 16th birthday cake. He had allergies and had to get shots weekly. He hated everyone except my Dad.
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Thursday Thirteen #31


Thirteen Random Thoughts I Have Had Today:

  1. Crap, woke up late. Second day in a row.
  2. I can’t believe she beat me to the shower again!
  3. Oh Mr. Vixen, how could you not make sure the door wasn’t locked when we came out with the dogs? **knock, knock…Bear?**
  4. Money can’t buy happiness, but it certainly could buy me a house.
  5. Miracles do happen.
  6. Happy Birthday Ladybug.
  7. I would love a job as a party planner.
  8. Lord, these shoes are so squeaky. But they are so comfortable.
  9. Can I a make a Sponge Bob cake?
  10. What on earth will I feed everyone for dinner tonight?
  11. If something rings up with tax to $5.59, but you say $6.00 and hit the button to erase the screen really quickly and then give me $14.00 change…did you really think I wouldn’t ask for a receipt?
  12. If you steal 41 cents from each customer, how much would you make in a day? Loser.
  13. Could I possibly lure Mrs. Eaves out here for Monday?

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Thursday Thirteen #14

Thirteen Reasons I Love Ladybug

1. A doctor once told me and her mom that if we wanted to take her off life support and let her go, he would support us in that decision.
2. I never would have gotten the joy of living for 15 days in a Ronald McDonald House without her (sarcasm noted).
3. She is a fighter. Things have never been easy for her and she just keeps fighting. And she is only 2 ½ years old.
4. She restored my faith in prayer, God and miracles.
5. When she fell out off her crib (trying to climb out!) the other night and gave herself a bloody nose, the only thing that would calm her down was a phone call to Gama.
6. In spite of the fact that I failed to answer the above phone call, she left me a big long voice mail about how she fell out of bed and got an ouchy and that she loved me.
7. Her trials and tribulations have brought my family even closer together than I thought possible, since we were already the tightest-knit family evah.
8. Boy is she lovely. I know, I know, you think I am too close to judge honestly, but I am not and she is lovely.
9. She is so animated. I had three kids, so I know this is an animated age. But really, she is fun. Energetic should have a picture of her next to it in the dictionary.
10. Her first word was Momma. Her second word was Gama. Her third was Dada. I love that, lol.
11. Her smile is to die for. When she smiles it really does light up the room. In fact, the world
12. The extreme joy in simple things she ignites in me. Once again, I know tots show much more joy in simple things, but she really enjoys little things like bubbles and trampolines. Maybe because she sees things differently with her “special” brain, but she seems to find much more joy in life than anyone I know.
13. OH my OH my. I was writing this and didn’t have a 13. I was struggling and took a break. It is now 8:05 at night and the most amazing thing just happened. First, a little back story: The reason we call her Ladybug isn’t just because she needed a super-secret internet name. What happened was this: On day three of our stay at the Ronald McDonald House when things were bleak, I went out onto the patio of our room to have a smoke. I was at a very low spot and Nannygoat came out to find me weeping quietly so as not to be caught. I was trying so hard to be strong for her. We sat there for a moment, next to the freeway with the cars zooming by, the noise annoying and the smell obnoxious. As I sat there trying to hide my tears a lovely ladybug flew up and landed on me knee. I seized upon the distraction, just to avoid showing how I was really feeling and launched into some big, drawn out epiphany to Nannygoat about how God had sent this bug it show us beauty and love and hope and now the baby would always be my Ladybug. Fast forward to this last week. I visited a new blog on my TT travels last week and found some really awesome fall/Halloween TT banners on this site. Much to my surprise, Cindi, whom I have never visited before made me a personal header for my TTs (see above). Now isn’t it the sweetest things EVER that she, a new visitor to my blog, would pick ladybugs as my theme? I so, so loved it I decided I wanted to use it this very week and to keep the theme I would write about Ladybug. So back to the future….I was sitting here struggling to come up with something that sounds good for my 13th reason I love her. Now I can come up with 113, but I wanted something that sounded semi-witty and well written. So the computer is set aside and my youngest daughter, Bear, walks up and squeals…..”Oh Mommy look” and reaches up (at 8pm in the dark, mind you) and grabs a ladybug from the side of the porch. She sets it on my hand and the lovely, little beastie hangs out for 10 minutes before she alights into the night. Perfect, really perfect. I love you God. Thanks for my Ladybug.

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